Sharing goodness this Christmas season

  • December 7, 2021

There’s never been a better time to spread joy and embrace a giving spirit.

After everything we’ve been through this year and the lessons we’ve learned along the way, this festive season, we’re focusing on giving more than receiving. No, it doesn’t mean you have to rush to the shops to buy everyone extra presents… Giving the gift of happiness and sharing joy doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Here are some of our favourite ways to spread goodness and embrace the true meaning of the season these holidays.

  • 1. Consider a random of act of kindness

    Whether it’s donating spare change to a charity of your choice, giving your local pet rescue centre extra cans of food for the holidays, collating toy donations for kids in need or simply wrapping presents for those unable to do it themselves – there are plenty of ways to offer a helping hand this Christmas. Not only will this leave you feeling warm and gooey on the inside, it will spread joy and leave a smile (and lasting impression) on the people or organisations you help. If you’re unable to donate either time or money, don’t worry – there are plenty of options for goodness giving. Consider small but effective acts of kindness like allowing someone to go ahead of you in line at the supermarket or helping a neighbour unload their groceries from their car.

  • 2. Get baking

    Gifts from the heart truly do mean more – especially when the end result is delicious, tasty and nourishing for the soul. If you’re looking for a fun but simple way to share the joy of the season with your neighbours or community members this year, why not bake them Christmas cookies? You can choose all the ingredients – ensuring they’re as healthy as they are tasty, and it’s also a great activity the whole family can enjoy. The fam that bakes together, stays together!

  • 3. Volunteer with your favourite organisation

    There are plenty of community-led charities that will be working overtime these holidays, so why not see if they need a helping hand? It’s a great way to spread good vibes and help those in need. You may head to your local women’s shelter, homeless shelter or food bank to offer your time. By dedicating your time to good causes, you’re not only helping those in need – you’re reminding them that they are important, they are cared for and they are worthy of a great Christmas, just like everyone else.

  • 4.Organise a food drive

    There’s nothing better than a long Christmas lunch filled with friends, food and fresh ingredients – but there are so many individuals and families that go without these nourishing moments and experiences during the holidays. Why not consider organising a fundraiser or food drive to help those within your community struggling with less this year? Best of all, this can be a family effort. Get the kids to make signs or do a letterbox drop to help spread the word and encourage others to donate.

  • 5. DIY Santa photos

    OK, this one might take a bit of planning but there are many families who can’t afford pictures with Santa each year. Surely, they shouldn’t miss out on all the fun? If you happen to have a digital camera a Santa Suit on hand – why not consider setting up your own makeshift Santa studio? Let your neighbours know with plenty of notice and set a designated time and place where they can find your Santa. Most community centres or even churches may have space you can rent out for the afternoon. Each family can either take photos themselves with the big jolly man in red, or you can offer to take them on your camera and email them a digital copy. That way everyone gets to meet Santa without worrying about missing out! No more Santa FOMO.

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