• why the name nudie?

    Naming nudie was a pretty straightforward job. We needed something that said it was blended fruit and nothing else. ‘Naked fruit’ was deemed too saucy so nudie was born!

where does the fruit in a nudie come from?

94% of the fruit used in our nudies come from right here in Australia. Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t get the quality or quantity we need of some fruits here in Australia, so these are sourced from our overseas trusted suppliers. We have great relationships with all our farmers and suppliers. In fact, all the oranges, apples and pears we use are Australian!

how do you maintain the shelf life without adding any nasties?

If you blend your own juice at home, it will only last about 24 hours (if that!). Our nudies are flash-pasteurised (which is a gentle form of pasteurisation) so they still maintain their delicious taste whilst killing off any nasties and retaining as many nutrients as possible.

are nudies suitable for children?

We have a range created especially for kids! kids nudie is made from 100% real fruit juice (not from concentrate) and can last all day in the lunchbox. The range has no added sugar, no preservatives and contains 1.6 serves of fruit in every pack. kids nudie can also last up to nine months in the cupboard! For children under seven, we suggest diluting the juice with water.

do you use organic fruit?

We’d like to use organic fruit but it’s difficult to find an affordable supply of Australian grown certified organic fruit to the high standard we demand.

are your drinks suitable for vegans?

All our fresh juices are vegan-friendly.

how many nudies should I drink each day?

It’s much better to drink a nudie every day, rather than a lot of nudies every couple of days. A serve of fruit is 125mL of fruit juice according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines. We also recommend one of your daily serves comes from a piece of whole fruit… yum!

are nudies suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Absolutely – drink up! nudies are gently pasteurised which make them safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

are nudies gmo free?

Yes! In fact we make sure all our fruit suppliers sign a contract that stipulates they are GMO free too – or else we won’t buy from them.

does nudie source 100% of its ingredients from fresh fruits in australia?

We source 94% of our fruit and 100% of our oranges from Australian farmers. We are committed to prioritizing sourcing from local farmers, but due to seasonality and supply issues, in some instances, we may need to source some of our minor ingredients from other countries for a limited period. 

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