How to survive the silly season with nudie juice

  • December 27, 2022

From last-minute panic buying to one too many cold ones celebrating the end of another year, there are plenty of opportunities to get caught up and run down this Christmas. Want all the fun but none of the headaches this festive season? We’ve got you covered.

  • Stick to squeezy goodness

    Yep, that’s right – orange juice is here to save the day, yet again! Who needs a cocktail when you can have a delicious mocktail instead? Not only will you save yourself a hangover, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of nothing but 100% Australian oranges. That’s plenty of Vitamin C and no added sugar, preservatives or additives. Not in the mood for citrus? Try our nudie apple mojito instead! It’s just as tasty and filled with fruity goodness. Importantly – these mocktails won’t dehydrate you. You’ll stay just as refreshed as ever while everyone else comes off a little worse for wear!

  • Throw your expectations out the door

    We all seem to set the bar so high these days that it’s no wonder we worry about not smashing goal after goal. All these unrealistic expectations do is cause stress, which prevents us from being happy. This entirely defeats the purpose of trying to enjoy the Christmas season. There’s no place for perfectionism this year, so leave those thoughts at the door. Instead, try to focus on simple, actionable goals. This might be preparing ONE dish for Christmas lunch instead of three, sending a holiday email to your friends instead of individual letters or cards, and attending one or two parties instead of 10. Be kind to yourself, pace yourself and allow yourself to enjoy the moments that truly matter. Time with those nearest and dearest to you can’t be purchased or replaced. Enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

  • Keep that body moving

    If you’ve managed to indulge in a little too much Christmas ham or pudding this year – never fear! Enjoying your food and having a balanced approach to what we eat is super important, so stop feeling guilty! If you’re not feeling so much guilty as you are sluggish, try getting outdoors and going for a long walk. No one ever regrets heading out for fresh air. You might want to check out the Christmas lights in your street, visit the local park for some quiet time or take the dog for a run. All are great ways to keep moving and help you digest that Christmas lunch. Not a fan of walking? A quick dip in the ocean or swim in the backyard pool will also do the trick. Just make sure you wait an hour after eating before you duck out for a dip.

  • Manage any Santa-induced stress

    Who knew simple things like presents, cards, wrapping paper and decorations could be so taxing on the ol’ body and soul? Well… everyone, yet here we are! If you’re anything like us, you might have left your shopping to the last minute this year and that can be super stressful – especially when the clock is ticking and there are so many people to still get presents for. Instead of becoming overwhelmed and letting the busyness of the season take over, try to take some time each day for yourself where you can breathe deeply, practice some mindfulness and recalibrate. Even 10 minutes will do you a world of good. Think of the things you’re grateful for this holiday season. Whether it’s opportunities you’ve had, friends you’ve made or family members who’ve stuck by you through thick and thin – this is what really matters.

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