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Eastgardens, NSW 2036

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Where on earth can I get a nudie, you ask?

1. Come to the purple palace on the first Thursday of the month and recite a poem (written by yourself of course!) to us. If we like it you’ll get a free nudie, fresh from our purple fridge. We will also make you famous and publish your poem on our website (if it’s any good that is…)

2. If you’re not a big writer you could go to Coles, Woolworths or any other great local outlets and check their fridge for nudies

3. Your local convenience store. If they don’t stock nudies try asking them for one (and get all of your friends to do the same) – if you do that often enough they might just start stocking us!

4. If 1-3 doesn't work you could call or email us and we can tell you where your nearest stockist is located.

Sorry! The purple palace is currently full. Please come back soon as all jobs will be posted here first. In the meantime, feel free to email your CV to nudie@nudie.com.au so we can keep you on our radar!

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