from our kitchen to you

After years of squeezing and blending fruit juice at home for our children, family & friends we realised that we couldn't find anything like the juice we were making at home in a bottled format in the marketplace. We decided to share our juice with the world so they could love it also.

So in January 2003 we started a juice company and nudie was born. We started with a blender & some fruit, making 100% fruit juice made from nothing but fruit with absolutely no nasties. We started bottling and labelling juice and then began delivering these bottles to local shops. In our first week we blended 256 pieces of fruit and sold 40 bottles.

The first shop to stock our juice was in Waverley, Sydney. We sent our family and friends in to buy the bottles back so that our drinks would seem popular and the shop would continue to stock us!

nothing could stop us!

While the first six months were tough, the reaction from everyone who tried our juice was overwhelming. They loved our product and the brand, which gave us the confidence we needed to keep going.

As the business grew we secured a factory to make our juice, found national distribution centres, purchased about 20 trucks and hired many staff. We started working with Australian farmers to get the best fruit we could find and even secured national distribution through key retailers.

It seemed like nothing could stop us.

gone up in flames

Then at 10pm on May 27th 2004 we received a phone call telling us that our factory was on fire. The following day, our staff showed up to work to discover that nothing was left. After only 18 months, our entire business had literally gone up in flames.

Determined to survive, we came back the next day and broke into teams. One team looked at finding a new factory to use. Another team looked for new offices and the marketing team came up with a way to hold our spots in fridges around Australia. In short, we did whatever it would take to keep from going under.

back in business

Thanks to all our hard work, six weeks after being burnt to the ground we were back in business. We found a factory in Adelaide to make our juice in, we created nudie fireman labels for our bottles and relaunched in stores across Australia. Within one month we were back to our pre-fire sales levels.

our next big thing

So our business survived and by 2010, we were back in our new factory and were looking to launch our next big thing. At the time we were seen as the leaders of premium exotic juice in small bottles, so we decided to now look at orange and apple juice in a size that suited families. What we saw was that most of the offerings in the marketplace were made using concentrates and old and imported fruits.

We knew that we could do better so we launched 2L orange juice & 2L apple juice - the way it should be. Aussie oranges and Aussie apples from farm to bottle, containing nothing but 21* oranges and 20* apples (*give or take a few). People went mad for it.


Within 12 months our orange juice with pulp was the best selling product in the category and today we use over 200 million apples & oranges from Australian farms each year.

That same year we were the first Australian brand to launch coconut water and the first brand in the world to launch a juice containing chia seeds.


Here at nudie, our ambition is to nudify the world. Our purpose is to provide drinks made with the best ingredients on the planet and do all we can to deliver a product that is far superior to what is on offer.

We have learnt to keep it simple, trust our insights and value who we are. Most importantly we aim to have some fun, and do some good.

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