nothing but byron breeze 2L

nothing but byron breeze 2L



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nudie nothing but Byron Breeze contains pear, pineapple, calamansi & lychee.

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Inspiration has been known to strike us nudies in the most amazing places…
Like the time we took a zen retreat at the home of hipster chic that just happens to be one of our fave beachy havens. Empty your mind they said, and we did – immediately filling it with images of luscious lychees, juicy calamansi, pure pears and perfect pineapples. A few downward dogs later and we were off to fix ourselves this fruity little concoction. Got a drink deserving of greater peace, love and acceptance? We wanna know about it!

1 review for nothing but byron breeze 2L

  1. Abi

    Awesome taste

    Really love the taste of Byron Breeze. It has that Pineapple taste that goes really down nicely.

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