nothing but tropical breakfast juice 1L

nothing but tropical breakfast juice 1L


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nudie nothing but 10*apples cloudy apple juice is made with 100% Australian ingredient and has no added sugar, no preservatives and no artificial flavours.*on average (give or take a few)

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Naming your newborn is never easy. Unless of course they’re made of fruit. Naming nudie was actually a reasonably straightforward job. We needed something that said it was blended fruit and nothing else. When ‘naked fruit’ was deemed too saucy, someone suggested ‘nudie’. We liked the idea of answering the phone “welcome to nudie” and the URL was (inexplicably) available so nudie was named! We created some characters and the nudie label was ready to be popped onto bottles for fruit fans far and wide. We did good that day. Got any good you’ve created today?


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