nothing but pink lemonade 2L

nothing but pink lemonade 2L



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nudie nothing but pink lemonade contains grape, blood orange and lemon

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2 reviews for nothing but pink lemonade 2L

  1. Clarissa Konstantinou

    Delicious and refreshing. Like a summer breeze. Sweet but not too sweet! Love it! Will be great as a mixer too!

  2. Debbie


    This is probably my favourite juice. It’s amazingly refreshing and great to quench your thirst. The only problem is I’m hooked and I can’t find it anywhere!!

    • Nudie Team

      Hi Debbie, we’re so glad to hear this is your favourite juice 🙂
      You can find it at your local Woolworths, but if it’s not there, make sure you ask the manager of that store when they will have it in next.

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