nothing but antioxidant 1L

nothing but antioxidant 1L



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Treat your tastebuds to a veggie blend boost  Thanks to this scrumptiously, goodnessy, sweet burst of ingredients and antioxidants, downing four serves of fruit and three serves of veggies per bottle just got super exciting (and easy)! This powerhouse juice isn’t just made using real ingredients like carrot, turmeric, orange, apple and lime – each bottle is created with the belief that thebest things in life can be good for you and lip-smackingly delicious all at the same time! 

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Whoa, baby, this juice packs a punch! 

Imagine the goodness of five serves of fruit and two and a half serves of veggies per bottle doing their part to help keep you feeling your best – all while delivering tangy and sweet deliciousness straight to your tastebuds. Combining the power of ginger, orange and carrot with beetroot and pear, this bright and bold veggie blend hits, kicks and ticks all the boxes. Now, that’s a hard-working juice if we ever did see one!


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