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At nudie, we pride ourselves on creating 100% real fruit juice made with heart and filled with goodness. From the first squeeze to the very last sip – our orange juice uses citrus from local farmers and contains no added nasties, sugar or preservatives. Filled to the brim with Vitamin C, there’s no better way to start your day. Whether you love yours packed with pulp or prefer pulp-free – we’ve got a variety to please even the fussiest juice fanatics!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is orange juice really good for me?

Want the good news? A small glass of orange juice a day (125ml) can help fulfil your recommended daily fruit intake and provide you with a good source of Vitamin C to help support a healthy immune system.

What makes oranges so healthy?

This awesome citrus fruit contains all kinds of good stuff including folate, potassium and antioxidants!

What makes nudie orange juice so special?

The nudie difference comes from only using carefully selected Australian grown oranges. We simply pick ‘em, flash pasteurise ‘em, pop ‘em in a bottle and that’s it! No added colours, sugars, flavours or preservatives involved.

How many oranges are squeezed into a bottle of nudie orange juice?

The number of oranges we use depends on the size of the bottle you’re about to enjoy. On average, our 2 litre bottles use 21 oranges, our 1 litre bottles use 10.5 oranges and our smaller 400ml bottles use 4.2 oranges.

Does nudie source its oranges direct from farmers?

We source our amazing oranges directly from farmers, our regional contractors and our awesome fresh fruit packhouse network!

How come nothing rhymes with orange?!

It’s so weird, right? Well, guess what! Turns out there’s one word. The only word in the 20-volume historical Oxford English Dictionary that actually rhymes with the word orange is… you guessed it, sporange! What the heck is a sporange? A rare and alternative form of sporangium (a botanical term for a part of a fern or similar plant).

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