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when nudie met ronald mcdonald house charities australia

At nudie, we love nothing more than highlighting the individuals and organisations creating good in the world. It’s safe to say the fine folk at Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia® are at the top of that list. Not only do they provide accommodation support and comfort for seriously ill or injured children and their families, they go above and beyond to ensure each day away from home during treatment feels as normal as possible.  

  • To lend a helping hand in our very own nudie way, we recently donated some of our favourite nudie juice to the Ronald McDonald Houses in Parkville and North Fitzroy located in Victoria. It’s our hope that this juicy donation will help bring a smile to the families currently in residence with RMHC Australia. 

    While this was the first donation we’ve made to RMHC Australia so far, it certainly won’t be the last. This donated juice has helped the families enjoy delicious and high-quality drinks whilst they currently call Ronald McDonald House Parkville & North Fitzroy their home away from home.

  • These beverages are free of charge and sitting in the fridge and pantries at Ronald McDonald House Parkville & North Fitzroy just waiting for seriously ill children and their families to help themselves as needed. They also get packed away in bags and lunchboxes as families and seriously ill kids head to hospital for visits and daily treatments.

  • To learn more about all the amazing work Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia® do, check out their website and keep an eye out for their next fundraiser for your chance to lend a helping hand to such a worthy cause. 

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