nothing but mango, passionfruit & more crushie

nothing but mango, passionfruit & more crushie



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nudie nothing but mango, passionfruit & more crushie is made with 100% fruit and has no added sugar, no preservatives and no artificial flavours.

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Matchmaking counts as creating good right?
We thought so. You see, our delivery dude Nate had been single for as long as we could remember. So we did what any good juice company would do, we put him up for offer on our labels. Like a match-making mega-mum, we drummed up over 250 potential date-ees. A winner was chosen and a date was had, but true love didn’t quite blossom. Nate remained single (for a little while anyway) and since then we’ve stuck to blending fruit instead of combining couples. But we could always give it another go…


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