plant good today

Goodness gracious planting good feels great!

Each and every day at nudie HQ, we’re driven by the goodness of fruit and veggies and by our desire to create positive change wherever we can. We can’t help it – we just love that warm and fuzzy feeling we get when we support the community and help others thrive.

  • Our theory is simple – a good tomorrow starts with good intentions today. In our quest to make a difference, we’ve been lucky enough to create and contribute to a range of fantastic initiatives during the last 12 months. Each of these have had far-reaching positive outcomes for all involved.

    In December 2019, we launched our Water to Bush initiative – a project that allowed us to gift 25,000 litres of domestic drinking water to drought affected families and farmers each week. We were fortunate enough to complete 16 separate deliveries to communities within New South Wales, and saw our water help nourish families, hydrate stock and provide those without access to soft, potable H20, the ability to enjoy a long shower or pop on a load of washing or two.

  • When we noticed our farmers were in strife following a horrible bushfire season, drought and citrus crisis – we sprang into action and pledged to keep supporting our Aussie farmers, suppliers and their community by continuing to source 94% of our fruit directly from their crops instead of looking to overseas growers.

    Throughout the year we have also regularly donated to a range of awesome organisations and charities including EatUp, OzHarvest, The Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick, Ronald McDonald House Charities and more. What can we say? Doing good feels good, which is why we will continue to support those who need our help the most.

  • Want to know what the best part is? Every single time you support us at nudie by grabbing your fave juice from the fridge or the shelves at your local supermarket, you’re helping us support others in need.

    Together we can plant good today and change the world tomorrow!

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