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nothing but

What do we mean by nothing but?

We literally mean ‘nothing but’ the best tasting fruit and vegetables! Our nothing but range contains no added sugar and no nasties like preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. At nudie we will never use concentrate.

So what is concentrate, you ask? Concentrate is a kind of cryogenically-frozen-juice that’s brought back to life years later by adding water, flavour, sugar and other stuff. Ew!

That’s why we made nothing but good, simple, fruit and veggie juice.

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At nudie we know real is best.
That’s why we’ve created these delicious blends, boosted with a powerhouse of ingredients.

With aloe vera & rosehip, nudie glow will have your beauty shining from the inside out.
The mixture of acai and mixed berries, nudie’s anti-oxidant will have you saying ‘see-ya’ to nasties and stress.

Soothing echinacea & orange, nudie’s extra defence can shield you from the baddies.
Full of baobab & grapeseed, nudie’s beautify can have your collagen pumpin’ and the good vibes jumpin’.

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Why a kids range? We thought it was about time we gave parents the option of real fruit juice that can last all day in the lunchbox. And just because it can last in the lunchbox doesn’t mean we have added any nasties into it… no way jose!

In true nudie style, kids nudie is made using nothing but real fruit juice (that is not from concentrate), has no added sugar, no preservatives and contains 2 serves of fruit in every pack. Kids nudie can also last up to nine months in your cupboard, so stock up!

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zero sugar sparkling

Pure sparkling water that has zero sugar and still tastes great? Nah, you’re not dreamin’, you’re hydrating with the help of the latest creation to buzz and bubble its way into the nudie-verse. We love the idea of turning the everyday into something special, which is why our new Sparkling Water range is bursting with good vibes and natural flavour-filled botanicals like hibiscus and hemp.

Best of all, we’re not using any artificial flavours or additives, and we’re totally sugar free. Instead – we’re using small amounts of stevia, a natural sugar alternative, and erythritol, which is naturally produced by fermentation of starches in fruits and vegetables. This helps to ensure each bubbly sip is refreshing. Feel good factor? 10/10.

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