our journey

  • close to nature

    Hard to believe, but there was a time before nudie where the relationship between fruit juice and actual fruit was like second cousins. And people – or at least those with tastebuds and a desire for honest to goodness, real products – were frustrated. Now if anything’s going to give birth to a great idea it’s that heady combo of frustration and a real, natural alternative. Sitting around our kitchen bench, we puzzled “why hasn’t anybody made a juice that’s as closer to nature?” One week, one blender and 256 pieces of fruit later, we not only produced, but sold all 40 bottles. Right before our eyes, nudie took its first, small step for good.

  • plant goodness

    When nudie was founded, we were the challenger brand, shaking up the juice and other beverage categories with a huge faith in our products and the youthful naivety to take on the big players, we boldly went where no juice had gone before. We cheekily encouraged family and friends, (old skool influencers), to buy our juices from local distributors so they’d look really popular. The next six months were a bit of a steady grind, and blend, to keep juice and momentum flowing. Slowly but happily, our first small steps became strides. A bunch of people we didn’t have to pay tried and loved our juice, as well as the nudie mission to plant goodness in our products and growing sense of purpose.

  • our farmers

    We rapidly grew out of the kitchen and into a factory, set up national distribution centres, bought a fleet of trucks and hired the first nudie team. We started working directly with Australian farmers to get the best and freshest fruit available, and it’s here where the tiny seed of wanting to plant good every day was sown. But as they say, no good deed ever goes unpunished – late at night on May 27, we got a phone call telling us our factory was on fire! By the time our team arrived, there was nothing left. While the firies had put out the factory fire, nothing could quench the fire in our bellies to keep nudie alive – noses and grindstones were put together and six weeks later, nudie was reborn and chilling on the shelves again.

  • nothing but

    We rebuilt nudie with grit and determination after the factory burnt down. Our iconic “nothing but” range was a clear stand against our concentrate competition. We were the first to launch coconut water and chia seeds in juice. From these first steps, trials and tribulations we have grown into the nudie you meet today. A little more worldly-wise, but still keeping it real and as close to foods that are as full of natural goodness as can be.

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