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Who knew carrot juice could be so delicious and nutritious all at the same time? We did! Free of nasties, added sugar and preservatives – our nudie carrot juice celebrates all the humble carrot has to offer. Best of all – our juice uses Australian grown carrots, which makes each sip all the sweeter if you ask us! Go on, treat yourself – and your tastebuds!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the carrots in nudie juice come from?

We only use Australian-grown carrots. With plenty of sun, water, and lots of care – they always grow to be extra delightful and delicious.

Are there benefits to drinking nudie carrot juice?

Besides the fact that it tastes delicious, our carrot juice is super special because it’s made up of a delicious blend of carrot, apple, orange and ginger! Each of these fruits and veggies are nourishing in their own special ways. Carrots in particular are good for the eyes because , they’re filled with Vitamin A and beta-carotene, while the Vitamin C from oranges, natural sweetness of apples and the ever-soothing elements of ginger all culminate to make one tasty combination filled with goodness.

Why are carrots so good for eye health?

Great question! It’s all about the lutein and beta carotene found in carrots. These two beneficial compounds are good for the ol’ peepers because they can help keep your eyesight healthy when it comes to age related eye damage or diseases. When we eat carrots or drink carrot juice, our bodies turn the lutein into Vitamin A. While you won’t get x-ray vision or be able to see in the dark, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done something to support your eye health. . Our carrot juice is a blend of fruit and veggies, so be sure to grab a blend and give your eyes the love they deserve.

Why do carrots look so funny when you put googly eyes on them?

You’ve got us! But it’s darn hilarious and we do it all the time. Nothing better than a good carrot joke to bring on the chuckles.

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