What ‘nothing but’ really means

  • March 14, 2023

We love to celebrate the fact that our juice is filled with nothing but goodness but when it comes to the nitty gritty, what does it all really mean? Here we spill the juice, ahem the tea, on all things ‘nothing but’.

If you love your nudie juice as much as we do, you probably know by now that each bottle is made using 100% real fruit and vegetables. It’s how we’re able to create deliciously delightful juices that make you feel good inside and out. So how do we keep our juice free of all that yucky stuff? We make sure to never use nasties like added sugar, juice concentrate, added water, artificial colours or flavours.

  • The lowdown on sugar

    At nudie, we pride ourselves on capturing and bottling the natural goodness of real fruit and avoiding added or refined sugars. Yep, our juice is sweet at times but that’s thanks to the naturally occurring sugar from the fruit and vegetables we use that keeps our juice yummy and delicious. So, what’s the big diff between naturally occurring sugar and refined sugar? Well, there are different types of sugars found in all kinds of food. When we say, ‘naturally occurring sugar’, we’re talking about sugar naturally present in the food we eat (like fruits and vegetables) in quantities prescribed by Mother Nature. Refined sugar on the other hand is an ingredient manufactured by processing certain crops (like sugar cane, or sugar beet) to isolate the sugar so that it can be added to food or drinks to make them sweeter. Refining the sugar also means stripping out other beneficial nutrients that ordinarily come along with foods we eat, like those found in your favourite apples and oranges. Eeek! When this happens, all we’re left with is a refined sugar.

    Naturally occurring sugar is already present in food (like fruit and veggies, dairy and whole grains) and hasn’t been tampered with through additional refining processes. While it’s still considered ‘sugar’, it can also be something that’s enjoyed in moderation as part of a healthy diet. It gives us energy and depending on the source of these naturally occurring sugars, it can also provide a good serve of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for keeping our bodies functioning well.

  • To concentrate or not to concentrate…

    While our juice is filled with squeezy deliciousness, it’s also made from ‘not-from-concentrate’. Yep, none of that nastiness, reconstitution or added water. Why does this matter? Well, all juice goes through a manufacturing process to ensure it’s safe for us to guzzle down and enjoy. ‘Not-from-concentrate’ is created by juicing the fruit and then processing it without any water removal or reconstitution. So what does reconstitution mean? Reconstitution adds water back into the fruit or vegetable juice paste after water has been evaporated. This process makes the juice easier and cheaper to transport and package, and also gives it a longer shelf life. How long? Vey long, sometimes years! Here at nudie though, our juice is pressed, gently pasteurised and bottled – ready to be enjoyed by your taste buds. That’s it!

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth

    Looking to scratch that sweet and tasty itch? nudie is here for ya! In line with the Australian government recommendations, two serves of fruit per day is the aim, and enjoying 125ml of your favourite nudie juice occasionally can help you on your way. Cheers to that!

  • Good vibes only

    The best part about our juice including nothing but 100% fruit and veggies is that you can feel confident your next bottle is serving up all the goodness you need to see you through the day. Forget feeling guilty about loading up on artificial or refined sugars or having that 3pm slump after a can of soft drink – nudie will keep you feelin’ good from head to toe!

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