We’re turning 20!

We may not look a day over 12 but this year we’re celebrating two decades of the nudie-verse! That’s right – 20 years of juicy goodness, squeezy fun and the yumminess of 100% fruit and veggie juice. To mark this momentous milestone, here are 20 fun facts about nudie that celebrate the last two decades of juicy fun.

  • 1. We’re the #1 chilled juice brand in all of Oz!

    2. Our first bottle of nudie was sold on January 8th, 2003.

    3. We produce more than a million nudie juices per month!

    4. Our juice journey started in a home kitchen with one blender and some fruit.

    5. We were the first to launch a 100% juice brand with our ‘nothing but’ range, and the first to launch a tasty juice for kids using nothing but fruit (not from concentrate).

    6. We call our office ‘the purple palace’!

    7. Your empty nudie bottles can double as seed planters, weights, piggy banks or pencil holders.

    8. 100% of the apples and oranges we use in our juice come from Australia.

    9. We love painting the sky purple! Yep, our nudie hot air balloon has been spotted across a range of major cities.

    10. nudie juice isn’t just for drinking – you can use it as a special ingredient when cooking too.

  • 11. Our factory was destroyed by fire in 2004, but we were back and better than ever in no time.

    12. Our ‘nothing but’ range contains literally nothing but 100% real fruit.

    13. We never use concentrate, added sugar, preservatives, or artificial colours and flavour in our juice.

    14. We were the first brand to launch coconut water in Australia.

    15. Our orange juice is packed with Vitamin C – perfect for keeping nasty colds at bay.

    16. We’ve added a range of veggie blends and probiotic smoothies to the nudie family.

    17. We blended 256 pieces of fruit and sold 40 bottles of nudie goodness during our first week of business.

    18. We’ve created 221 different nudie characters in 20 years!

    19. We support a number of charities including Steptember, Rural Aid, Climb for a Cause and Sydney Children’s Hospital.

    20. In 2022, we helped Black Dog Institute raise $70,000!

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