valentines day

  • February 8, 2021

3 fruit-inspired gifts to make for your sweetheart this valentine’s day

When it comes to the most romantic day of the year – is there anything better than a gift from the heart? Here in the nudieverse we have fruit on the brain, so we’ve decided to combine all the sweetness of handmade pressies with the goodness of fruit and veg. Here are some of our favourite (and most delicious) hand-made present ideas.


  • Create jars of tasty dried fruit

    Sure, valentine’s day has always been associated with chocolate but what if you could change all that with an amazing jar of homemade dried fruit? Not only are dried fruits delicious and sweet, they also happen to be filled with nutritional goodness.

    The key to getting started with this DIY gift is forward planning because your fruits are going to need a few days to dry properly before you can enjoy them. Step one? Pick the fruits you want to use. We prefer those that are in season and are known to dry the easiest. These include some of our faves like bananas, pears, dates, mangoes, apples and figs. Once you’ve made your decision, look for those fruits that are super ripe and ready to be eaten – the sugars in these will be just right.

  • Got your fruit? Now it’s time to give them a wash, remove any stems or stones and start slicing. You’re going to want to make sure you’re thinly slicing each one and that your slices are even. Luckily, you don’t need a fruit dehydrator for the next step – your oven will do just fine. Preheat yours to anywhere between 50-70 degrees, and while waiting for things to warm up, drop your sliced fruit into a bowl filled with water and lemon juice. This will ensure your fruit pieces will still look pretty and tasty, even after they’ve been dried.

    Oven ready to go? Grab a baking tray, some baking paper and start assembling your fruit in a single layer. Give each piece some space to do its thing – you don’t want to over-layer the tray and crowd your fruit. Pop your beautiful creation in the oven and rotate the tray around every two hours. Baking times depend on what kind of fruit you’re using but some fruits can take between six to 12 hours to dry. Once you’ve removed the tray from the oven, let your fruit sit and then place the pieces in a container with an open lid for a few days. This will help any leftover moisture dissolve. Simple, easy, fun and tasty!

  • Plan a romantic fruit picking date

    It’s been a full year of being cooped up indoors and staring at the TV screens, so why not get out and about and treat your special person to an outdoor activity you can enjoy together? All you need to do is find a COVID safe, pick-your-own farm or orchard – one that’s in reach within a few hours yet far away enough that you can enjoy a bit of a road trip while you’re at it. Not only is this a great way to support local farms in your area or region, it’s also an opportunity to surround yourself with the beauty of nature. It doesn’t get more organic than this! Best of all, you’ll have some delicious treats to keep you full on the drive home.

  • Get scented with a DIY orange peel candle

    This might be the craziest thing you’ll ever do with an orange but it’s an awesome way to create a non-toxic, natural and organic candle that also happens to smell pretty great. Grab yourself some olive oil and a large orange. Start by cutting the orange in half. You’ll then need to separate the peel from the fruit – making sure to leave the peel unbroken and intact. This can be a bit tricky, so take your time. If done correctly though, the stem should still be connected to the bottom of the peel. This stem will act as your wick when it’s time to light your candle.

    Once you’ve separated the fruit from the peel, simply fill the bottom of the orange halfway with olive oil, making sure some gets on the wick (and eat all the yummy orange flesh when no one’s looking). Let the oil soak in the bottom while you work on the top peel. Cut a star, a heart or any kind of design into the top peel so that your candle can cast a beautiful light when you’re done. Next step? Simply light the wick (don’t worry if it takes a few go’s), place the top peel on as a cover and enjoy your homemade (and romantic) candle!