The value of goodness

  • January 25, 2022

Ever wonder how our delightfully delicious and nourishing juices tie into our greater goals for goodness? We sat down with our Research and Development Manager, Fiona Johnson, to talk nutrition, natural ingredients and our quest to create a better everyday.

  • There are some super strong nutritional values at the core of who we are. These guide all we do at nudie – why do they matters so much?

    “We know how important it is to eat and drink well – especially when it comes to hitting those fruit and veggie goals each day, but what makes us really motivated to keep spreading goodness whenever we can is that our fruit and veggie juices not only taste good, they help our customers feel good, too! And knowing that feels GREAT!”

  • What makes nudie a healthier choice?

    “All our nudie juice products contain no added sugar or sweetener. We also avoid using juice concentrate, preservatives or artificial flavours and colours in our products because we want the delicious flavour of our juice to come naturally from the real fruits and vegetables we use. Our juices and purees are pressed, made safe and transported in their actual form, which means we don’t take the water out and then add it back in at a later stage. We simply source the best quality fruit and vegetables to produce the juice our nudie community can’t get enough of. We’re also always looking for ways to innovate when it comes to juice. Just recently, we launched a new veggie juice blend with 30% less sugar when compared to our standard apple juice. There’s always room to grow and challenge ourselves.”

  • Speaking of innovating and keeping up with what matters to our nudie community – all of our products are plant based. Why is that important?

    “Being kinder to the environment is important to us. That’s why team nudie has made an ongoing commitment to launch new products made only from plants so that generations to come are able to enjoy the same beautiful planet we have now.”

  • When it comes to our variety of juices and smoothies – what are the big differences between the nothing but and probiotic range?

    “Nothing But is our core juice line available in straight (apple, orange, pear) and blended (Byron Breeze, Aloha etc) flavours. It’s made with real fruits and vegetables only. Our Probiotic Smoothies range on the other hand includes functional ingredients such as 80 million probiotic cultures per serve. These functional cultures are known to help keep the baddies out and a happy tummy, respectively!”

  • Why is creating goodness at the top of our to-do list everyday?

    “We want our consumers to be happy with our juice products and that includes all sensory expectations as well as the quality and the experience of enjoying our juice. We take pride in creating good and if we can do that with each and every sip, we’re on board!”

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