The best Christmas flicks to get you in the festive mood

  • December 21, 2021

Nothing raises our festive vibes quite like getting cosy on the couch, pouring ourselves a delicious Christmas-inspired mocktail and popping on our favourite holiday films. To celebrate the festive cheer of the season and bring a little Hollywood to your holidays, here are our favourite go-to Christmas films. 

  • Christmas Vacation

    The reigning champion of all Christmas flicks, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is the non-stop 80s comedy the whole clan can get behind. Following the holiday adventures of Clark Griswold and his family, the film charts one festive disaster after another as Clark tries desperately to provide the Griswold’s with the best Christmas yet. Relatable, hilarious and a true classic – this flick will make you feel better about your own Christmas disasters and reminds us that perfection isn’t everything this holiday season.

  • Home Alone and Home Alone 2

    Kevin McAllister has a special place in our hearts, and can you blame us? There’s no kids film quite as perfect for the holiday season as the original Home Alone franchise. Funny, action-packed and heartfelt to the core, these films have become a Christmas movie tradition in the homes of millions throughout the world. With its iconic quotes, memorable soundtrack and sincere message surrounding importance of ‘home’ – both movies remind us that there’s nothing better than time spent with the ones we love.

  • Elf

    Will Ferrell dressed as a giant elf for two and a half hours – does it get any better? In this 2003 Christmas comedy, Ferrell plays Buddy, a man who has been raised as an oversized elf on the North Pole, who then heads to New York City to meet his biological dad. Hilarity and chaos ensue as Buddy tries to navigate his new family, life in the big city and what it means to be human.

  • The Santa Clause

    Is there anything better than a story that combines Christmas with the magic of the season? Seeing is believing and in The Santa Claus, we’re asked to remember the joy of believing in Santa and the miracles that can happen during the holiday season. A 90s classic – this flick stars funny man Tim Allen and cracks us up every year as he transitions from a busy businessman to none other than the holly, jolly Santa Claus himself. This one’s perfect for the kids while still being entertaining for the adults. A double win!

  • The Family Stone

    A heartfelt comedy about family coming together for Christmas – The Family Stone features some of our favourite actors including Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Clare Danes and Luke Wilson (to name a few). Set within a majestic, snow-covered home in Connecticut, this film has all the charm and holiday aesthetic you could ask for. When favourite son, Everett, brings home his uptight girlfriend for the holidays, his bohemian family don’t exactly welcome her with open arms. This is a warm and funny tale of self-discovery, the complexity of family dynamics and the treasured moments that bring us all together.

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