sydney children’s hospital

  • November 23, 2020

sharing in the joy of Party Day

When Sydney Children’s Hospital asked if we’d be able to spare a few bottles of nudie for their annual Party Day event, we simply couldn’t refuse. Little did we realise just how far our donations would go. Hospital Child Life therapist Irene Adam supports patients and their families throughout their hospital journey. Here she talks us through the fun of Party Day and why it’s so important to do everything we can to bring smiles to the faces of patients and their families.

  • For readers who may not know what Party Day is and why the hospital celebrates this day each year, how would you describe the event and atmosphere?

    “Party Day is really important to our patients and their families. It gives them a sense of escape as well as normality in a clinical environment, and really gives them something fun to focus on. It’s something positive in their lives. Each year we have a theme, so this year the theme of Party Day was Magical Kingdom. It gives patients, families and staff a boost of morale and makes such a difference to the patient experience.”

  • Why is something like Party Day so beneficial to patients in a physical and emotional sense?

    “It makes hospital a bit more fun and not so scary by breaking down those walls. When patients come in and see staff dressed up as Elsa or someone from Dr Seuss, I think it makes them realise they’ll have fun that day. Every year the staff dress up, but we also decorate the ward areas as well to create that magical experience for the patients and their families. It helps make things a little more child friendly and de-sensitises the experience, which is the ultimate goal.” 

  • Where things different this year during Party Day because of COVID-19?

    “It was a bit different this year as we weren’t able to have any experiences in the corridors or in the foyer of the hospital and we weren’t able to have any external visitors. Due to COVID we weren’t able to see each other’s clinical areas, so we had to make the most of the areas we work in, but this was an extra special year. The passion is still here. We had a LEGO ward, a Frozen ward, all kinds of themes. Everyone made a huge effort. Donations like the one we received from nudie are so important – they add to the fun and the Party Day spirit. Without organisations like nudie we wouldn’t be able to have the special things we have on Party Day.”

  • If our nudie community wanted to get involved or help the hospital in a similar way, what can they do?

    “That would be great! They can contact our Public Affairs department. We’re always looking for donors for special items like dress up items, and we use medical play kits to help our patients to role play the medical experience and de-sensitise them to the clinical experience. That’s why Party Day matters – it empowers them to cope better with their hospital experience. Donations like the one we received from nudie makes a huge difference in supporting patients and families. It’s really appreciated.”