Stepping it up

  • October 19, 2021

Finding new ways of planting goodness, one step at a time.  

After taking part in Steptember this year, we’ve discovered a new love of walking, found new ways to spread goodness and enjoyed new ways of spending time with those closest to us. Now that we’ve had a chance to rest, pop our feet up and tally our results, we wanted to share a little bit more about our awesome Steptember experience with you. Here’s what Steptember meant to nudie this year, as told by Chris Moy, one of our wonderful nudie team members.

  • For those who don’t know much about Stepember, give us a rundown about the cause and the joy of getting involved.

    “Steptember is a virtual event where participants challenge themselves to walk, run, ride or exercise their way to 300,000 steps during the month of September. Not only do you get the opportunity to raise money to help improve the lives of both adults and children living with cerebral palsy, you also get to raise the awareness for their important cause.”

  • Why was important for nudie to participate in Steptember this year?

    “At nudie, our mission is to plant good in everything we do. This isn’t just in relation to the products we produce but also about doing good within our communities. Steptember is the perfect opportunity for our team to show that our values of planting good are strong within our organisation but also within our entire nudie community.”

  • Is this the first time nudie has participated in Steptember?

    “No, we took part last year also, but this year we saw a large increase in the number of participants.”

  • What were the outcomes this year? How many steps did the team walk and how much money was raised?

    “We managed to take 5,172,331 million steps and raised $2,826!”

  • What would you say was the easiest part about Steptember, and what’s the hardest?

    “The hardest part was the cold rainy days. Sometimes you need to find other ways to get your steps in. That might include an online workout or even a yoga class. The easiest is when you can include your whole family. For me, that looks like a nice Sunday bike ride.”

  • Did you experience any benefits of your own after all that walking?

    “There has been a slight decrease of weight on the scales, which is always a good thing.”

  • Any challenges to doing this during lockdown? How did you overcome them?

    “The only challenge was the mandatory wearing of masks. But, when that’s the only challenge we had, it’s not too bad is it?”

  • Describe Steptember with team nudie in three words…

    “Fun, healthy and rewarding!”

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