Resolutions with a difference

  • January 4, 2022

Here’s how to channel New Year’s resolutions that will help to create and share positivity in 2022.

It feels like every year we have the best intentions to set a new path forward and become better versions of ourselves. The version that is great at saving, exercising, eating well and not biting our nails (or maybe that last one is just us). But what about if we stopped focusing on ourselves and looked to create resolutions that touched on the greater good? Here are our favourite ways to look outward this New Year.

  • Make listening and learning a priority

    Now more than ever, it’s important to continuing our education and lifelong learning of experiences, cultures and histories that may be different to our own. This not only allows us to be a better ally to our friends, families and communities, but ensures we continue to grow and understand that ours is not the only lived experience. Whether we’re looking at gender, race, disability or any number of marginalised communities – it’s important to educate ourselves and seek out the biases we may not be aware of. Sometimes this means simply listening to those around us and hearing their stories. Listening without judgement or pre-conceived notions is powerful and something we all need to get better at.

  • A better tomorrow

    While you don’t have to suddenly become a political activist overnight, it can’t hurt to consider the causes (both local and global) that are close to your heart. What’s something you’d like to focus on more or advocate for in the coming 12 months? Perhaps it’s as simple as volunteering or raising money for a cause you care greatly about? It’s worth remembering that for most of us – change starts at home and in the conversations we have with our friends and family. This may involve educating or challenging judgemental viewpoints… Although it feels scary at times, this can be done with compassion and consideration as we learn to collectively shift our thinking and our behaviours.

  • Self-preservation

    Caring for yourself is incredibly important – not just because you’re most likely feeling exhausted after the year we’ve just had but because refilling your own tank is in itself a wonderfully rebellious act. Perhaps a yoga session is in order, or a trip to the acupuncturist once a month? Maybe a weekly walk on the beach or a massage each weekend will do the trick? Try to think about whatever it may be that will help you feel whole and content. It’s when we feel good that we can do good and spread kindness to those around us.

  • Find your way to forgiveness

    When we refuse to forgive, we hold onto unpleasant experiences and memories. Research however shows those who are open to forgiveness can experience direct benefits to their mental health and happiness. Not only does the act of forgiving increase the sensation of hope and improve self-esteem, it can also lower anxiety. If you feel ready to forgive or start the process, try to spend some time with the memories of hurt, look to understand the person who hurt you and offer forgiveness as selfless act. Commit to forgiveness and allow yourself to move forward with happiness and light.

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