our top 5 favourite exotic fruits

  • December 28, 2020

Sure, we love our apples and oranges more than anything else in the world, but sometimes it’s fun to branch out and embrace some of the other delicious, funky and fun-lookin’ fruit that comes our way. If you’ve seen some of the following fruits mentioned in our ingredients list but have no idea where they come from or what makes them so awesome, this one’s for you!

  • 1. Dragon fruit – found in our beautify proactive juice

    Originally from the rainforests in Northern and Central South America, dragon fruit (which is actually a tropical cactus) is also commercially grown right here in Australia. It’s perfect for our hot and humid climate, and best of all, it needs very little water to grow big and strong. This sweet, little fruit will intrigue your tastebuds and keep you feeling refreshed all summer long. Think of it almost as a funky kind of kiwi. When in its original form and before it’s juiced, dragon fruit is instantly recognisable thanks to its poppin’ pink skin. On the inside, dragon fruit can have either white or hot pink flesh, which is peppered with tiny, black seeds. Yes, it’s the perfect Insta fruit! Try adding some to your next smoothie or salad (or photoshoot).

  • 2. Aloe vera – found in our glow proactive juice

    Another member of the cactus family, this particular fruit is well-known across the globe as the ultimate healing fruit. As just one of 400 species of aloe, the aloe vera plant is part of the liliaceae family and is made up of two parts – leaf juice and gel. The gel is a clear, odourless liquid that lives within the innermost part of the leaf. The leaf juice (or latex) on the other hand is yellow and tastes quite bitter. Besides being lauded as the plant that fixes almost any and every ailment, aloe vera is beloved for its topical applications, and can even help moisturise your skin and soothe sunburn.

  • 3. Calamansi – found in our Byron breeze juice

    Is it a lemon? Is it a lime? No! It’s a calamansi! What a name – what a fruit. This delicious little guy is a staple citrus fruit from the Philippines and is easily distinguishable by its bright orange flesh and outside peel that turns from green to orange as it ripens. With its sour and sweet taste sensation, calamansi (or kalamansi and calamondin as it’s sometimes known) is the perfect fruit to get to know better this summer. Add it to your favourite drinks, recipes or salads!

  • 4. Ginger – found in our carrot juice

    Which other fruit works perfectly well alongside sushi but can also double as a key ingredient in every good Christmas recipe out there? Ginger! Known as a beloved spice, as well as the go-to ingredient whenever we’re feeling a little rundown, ginger (or ginger root) is actually a flowering plant chock full of antioxidants. It’s best known for its ability to help with pain, inflammation and muscle and joint issues, but may also help regulate blood sugar and stave off nausea. Anything that gets rid of bloating or tummy pain is a winner in our books!

  • 5. Blood orange – found in our new pink lemonade

    Despite the somewhat gruesome name, blood orange is a beautifully sweet citrus fruit that works amazingly well in juices, baked goods, salads, cocktails and all kinds of recipes. It has a deep and rich, red colour on the inside thanks to anthocyanin, which is the pigment that gives these delicious fruits their colour. Imagine an orange dipped in cranberry juice and that’s pretty much what you can expect when you take a bite out of a blood orange. A fun take on citrus that also happens to be just as delicious as it is healthy – this fantastically fun fruit is a ridiculously delicious addition to any salad, juice or smoothie.