kitchen time with nudie

  • November 16, 2020

Join us as we create delicious nudie-infused snacks and bites with the help of our favourite nudie pals.

If you haven’t discovered Tasneem of @BubBites just yet, you’re in for a real treat! Web Developer by day and food stylist / recipe wizard by night, she’s super talented in creating yummy, happy food for all – especially the little ones in your household. Tasneem loves nothing more than whipping up recipes that can be made as quickly as possible and use easy-to-find ingredients. To get started, here’s Tasneem’s simple but super tasty Panna Cotta Tart and a little something to help wash it down.

  • panna cotta tart recipe

    I like to think myself as a creative but impatient dessert maker, which is why I came up with this super easy, quick and kid friendly panna cotta tart recipe with a biscuit base. I love panna cotta and tarts are one of my favourite desserts, so I wanted to create something that would combine these two classics.

    What makes this panna cotta different to the others out there? Well, in my version, the twist is that I’ve used nudie juice to make the top layer, which not only gives it an amazing colour, but a very distinct and enhanced taste. Your tastebuds won’t forget this one. It’s tangy yet sweet and has been dressed up with some of our fave fruits. I also gave it a moon shape, which can easily be reapplied to be an Eid (Islamic celebration) dessert.

    I’m pretty proud of this recipe – it tastes as good as it looks!

  • ingredients

    – Plain biscuits – 1 pack
    – Butter – 50g
    – Agar powder – 1 pack
    – Milk – 2 cups
    – nudie tropical fruit juice – 1 cup

  • method

    1. For the biscuit layer:

    Crush/pulse any plain biscuit (I have used digestives) to make a sandy crumb texture, and then mix this with butter to make the base. Press the mixture into a tart pan and chill in the fridge.

    2. For the panna cotta layer: 

    Bring milk to a boil over mid heat, add agar powder and sugar. Cook according to the instructions found on the packet of agar you’re using (this is usually 3-4 mins). Remove the prepared biscuit base from the fridge. Then pour this mixture over the prepared biscuit base to make a tart and refrigerate it until set.

    3. For the top juice layer:

    Mix nudie juice and agar powder in a saucepan, bring to a boil and cook stirring constantly. Then pour over the set panna cotta. Refrigerate it to set.

    4. For decorations add your favorite fruits on top in any shape you want and ta-da you have a tasty dessert on hand!