How we’re helping to protect the planet

  • June 28, 2022

At nudie, sustainability isn’t just about ticking a few boxes, sorting our rubbish, and calling it a day. Taking care of Mother Nature and our communities in the best way we know how, is part of who we are – a deeply engrained sense of responsibility within our larger vision and values. While we’re always striving to better our practices and ours is a continuous journey of learning, here are just a few ways we’re currently doing our bit to lessen our impact, support our communities and tread a little lighter.

  • Nudie sustainability facts

    – Did you know all of our bottles, lids and labels are 100% recyclable? When you’re done enjoying your fave nudie juice, you can feel completely confident chucking it in a kerbside or at-home recycling bin.

    – Our super talented engineers have worked hard to reprogram our packing machine, which means we’re now able to save more than 300kg of plastic per year from entering landfill.

    – To help encourage wider recycling initiatives and celebrate small acts with big potential, all of our 400ml juice ranges and kids’ tetra 200ml juices are recycled as part of the Container Deposit Scheme among participating states and territories. The good news is – from July 1, 2023, Victoria will also start their Container Deposit scheme, meaning Victorian nudie fans will also be able to take part in this helpful recycling initiative.

  • – We love finding multipurpose outcomes for our products and materials. When we receive a delivery of empty bottles to be filled, the soft plastic covering these bottles are reused as waste bags at site.

    – We’ve also just started an internal working group focused on energy, which will complete audits at our site and distribution centre. This is the first step in helping us start our renewable power journey, by establishing how much energy we can save.

    – At nudie, we use reusable pallecon containers as well as steel drums for smaller volume raw materials.

  • – In 2021, we overproduced and donated 3200L of perfectly delicious and tasty juice to charities and organisations in need.

    – Importantly, we’re looking at all of our business processes to ensure sustainability is assessed across every single project we start at nudie going forward.

    – We’re all about strong relationships and sustainable partnerships, which is why we’ve partnered with the same local farmers for our oranges for almost 20 long years!

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