How to set and achieve your goals when you’re busy

  • November 29, 2021

With the new year fast approaching, we delve into effective goal setting without the self-pressure.

Each year we make a promise to ourselves to do more, do better or pull back on our vices. While filled with good intentions and the commitment to making small but achievable change, these goals and resolutions aren’t always easy to action throughout the whole year. To help you set realistic expectations and goals beyond New Years, we’ve enlisted the help of our motivator extraordinaire, Emma Norris – the imperfect action coach, author and founder of Progress Coaching. Here are Emma’s top tips for effective goal setting in 2022.

  • Get specific

    “In order to set goals you’ll actually stick to you need to get crystal clear on exactly what it is you want to achieve. Otherwise, the goal post will just keep moving and it will be like the mountain with no peak. Not only should your goal have a concrete outcome, but it should also be time-bound and measurable. An example of a clear and specific goal would be ‘run a half-marathon in January 2022’”.

  • Set a push goal

    “Have a long list of things you want to achieve and don’t know what to prioritise? It can be a great idea to set a ‘push’ goal. This concept popularised by self-development speaker, Chalene Johnson, lies in the idea that once your ‘push’ goal is accomplished – the rest of your goals will become much easier. For example, if you want to start a podcast, present at an event or successfully negotiate a pay rise, your ‘push’ goal might be becoming a confident public speaker. This then creates a domino effect.”

  • Share your goals with an accountability partner

    “Research shows that we are far more likely to stick to our goals if we share them with others. So, don’t keep them a secret! Whether it’s a friend, mentor, coach, or colleague, find someone you trust and ask them to help keep you accountable with your goal deadlines. You may even find someone who shares similar goals, which you can then enjoy together, including exercise or being more active. Not only will this make the process much more enjoyable, but you’ll be far more likely to actually meet the commitments you’ve otherwise kept to yourself.”

  • Set milestones

    “One of the biggest reasons people give up on their goals is that these often feel they’re too far away or unachievable. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream big! But it’s important to break your big goal into smaller milestones with deadlines. That way, you can make sure you’re always moving forward — even if your goal feels like it’s far away on the horizon. Make sure to always celebrate those milestones too, even if it’s with something as small as a nice meal or bubble bath.”

  • Take consistent, imperfect action

    “A goal without action is just a wish. This doesn’t mean you have to try to do everything at once (this is a one-way ticket to becoming overwhelmed and burning out), so instead, break your goals down into the smallest possible unit of measurement. What’s one tiny step you can take today towards your goals? Start exactly where you are with exactly what you have right now and begin building that momentum to propel you forward.”

  • To check out more of Emma’s advice or learn about the benefits of imperfect action, head to

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