how to pack for the perfect picnic

  • November 9, 2020

you bring the snacks, we’ll bring the know-how

Food, fun and sunshine – is there anything better? While we’re not dining out as much as usual right now, we’re definitely thinking outside the box when it comes to enjoyable food experiences. This month, the wholesome goodness of an alfresco picnic is at the top of our list. Whether you’re at the beach, the local park or even in your own backyard, here’s how to turn an everyday lunch into something special.

  • get packin’

    You might have prepared the tastiest food for your picnic but having the right gear is just as important. From sealable containers to Tupperware, cups, bottles, plates, cutlery, cutting boards and serviettes, your picnic kit can help your afternoon run as seamlessly as possible. To avoid any breakages, try to use cups and bottles made from recyclable materials instead of glass. These will also be much lighter to carry. To make sure your drinks don’t topple over once you’ve filled ‘em up, you can also consider packing a small tray that will act as a smooth resting surface. To dodge nasty spills or leaks when transporting condiments or dressings, check each container is sealed extra tight and consider wrapping these items in another layer of protection.

  • back to basics

    Sure, food and drinks are important but what’s a picnic without the comfy blanket and the basket? If you’re not looking to buy these items new, why not check with your family and friends to see if they have a picnic set you can borrow for the day? If you’re coming up empty handed, a backpack will work for non-perishable foods, and an Esky will be perfect for those snacks and drinks that need to remain cold until it’s eatin’ time. Don’t have a picnic blanket handy? A tablecloth or even a flatbed sheet will do the trick – just remember most traditional picnic blankets have a waterproof lining on the bottom, which is worth the extra spend if it helps keep your bum dry!

  • stay chilled

    It might not be summer just yet but those scorching, hot days aren’t too far off. Frozen water bottles will help keep your food cold, while an Esky or cold bag can help ensure any foods that are normally kept in the fridge can remain as cool as possible while you’re out and about. Which brings us to our next point…

  • food glorious food

    The most important element of any good picnic – the food. To avoid wasting time at your destination, pre-chop and pre-cut any snacks like fruit and veggies, as well as meals that can be easily divided and packaged (hello cakes and quiches). For tasty dips that aren’t as risky, consider non-dairy or mayonnaise-free spreads that can be enjoyed with chips, crackers or raw veggies. Feelin’ those salad vibes? Choose a vinegar-based dressing if possible, as this will be less likely to go off. To add a touch of extra flavour to your lunch, don’t forget to pack a little salt ‘n pepper too.

  • eat up and clean up

    When all is said and done, it might be tempting to sleep off your food coma with a nap in the sun but don’t forget to place your rubbish in the bin first or bag your mess and take it home with you if there aren’t any bins in sight. We’ve got to do our bit to keep our environment clean and happy, after all.