How to make this Halloween better than ever

  • October 31, 2022

Spooky season is back and so are all the fun activities that come along with celebrating All Hallows Eve. From costumes to delicious treats and scary flicks – we’ve got your Halloween sorted this year.

  • Pick your costume

    Whether you’re creating a costume from items already in your wardrobe, you’re making it from scratch, or you’ve found the perfect get-up online – Halloween inspo can be hard to come by if you want a truly unique costume. Think about your favourite films, tv shows or books – can you put a fun twist on a character you love? Perhaps your costume could be inspired by different occupations like a doctor or archaeologist? Or maybe you might want to dress up like someone from a totally different era (hello groovy 70s and the power-suit 80s). The choices are endless when you don’t just limit yourself to the spooky dress-up theme. Once you’ve got your costume picked out, don’t forget to think about your hair and makeup.

  • Plan your trick or treat route

    When you’re taking young ones trick or treating and there’s a gaggle of sugar-filled kidlets running around, having a succinct plan about where you’ll go and a pre-organised route up your sleeve can be a saving grace. This way you’ll remain in charge and with a bit of forward planning – you can make sure you’re stopping by the best decorated homes in the neighbourhood.

  • Bust out the popcorn

    Nothing beats a scary movie during the Halloween season! Whether you’re after a Halloween themed episode of your favourite show or a spooky movie to scare you to bits, there’s plenty of iconic films and shows to enjoy. But if you’re keen to get into the spooky season without being terrified by a horror classic, why not try something a little more paired down but equally as fun? There are a range of 90s favourites like Practical Magic, The Craft, Casper, or The Addams Family films, which will do the trick!

  • Prepare a delicious mocktail

    You’ll need something to wash down all that popcorn, chocolate and candy so why not make it a drink that’s equally delicious as it is nutritious? Orange juice cauldrons are one of our favourite beverages to whip up each Halloween. All you need is a bottle of nudie nothing but orange juice (pulp or no pulp, it’s your choice), blueberries, blackberries, red grapes and away you go!

  • Ghost gummies

    Finally, a Halloween recipe that’s as good for you as it is tasty! Simply grab a cup of water, some honey, a cup of raspberries and half a cup of grass-fed gelatin powder. Blend your raspberries until they look more like a purée and then pop these into a saucepan on a low heat. Add your honey (around three teaspoons) and gelatin, stir until thick. This could take anywhere between five and ten minutes. Once you’re ready, pour your deliciously delightful gummy mixture into a mold of your choice and stick ‘em in the fridge for one hour. Remove, eat, share, enjoy.

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