How to have a greener Easter this year

  • April 5, 2023

Don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice chocolate in order to tread a little lighter this holiday season. All it takes are a few simple changes to celebrate an eco-friendlier Easter in 2023.

  • Say ‘see ya later’ to plastic decorations

    Keen on decorating the house with the most perfect Easter items? Or maybe thinking about gifting your nearest and dearest a small basket full of goodies like chocolate eggs and hot cross buns? Well, that sounds amazing, and we’d love one too – but just make sure the basket is made from wicker and not plastic. You might even consider weaving a basket of your very own or trading that artificial plastic grass for alternatives like shredded recycled paper or tissue paper. While you’re at it, consider swapping out foil-wrapped eggs for wooden eggs instead. Not only can these be re-used, you don’t have to deal with the sugar crash later. They’ll also work well for an easter egg hunt and won’t spoil in case you don’t find them all.

  • Fun with foil

    OK, so you’ve received a bunch of delicious chocolate eggs and of course they’re covered in foil. That’s OK! You can still take an eco-friendly approach to your Easter treats because aluminium foil is actually 100% recyclable if it’s clean enough! When it comes to easter eggs, simply make sure you scrunch the foil up into the size of a ping pong ball so it can be easily picked up and sorted. Just be sure not to recycle any foil that’s covered in food or oil.

  • The greener the better

    You can’t very well celebrate a green Easter without indulging in the most delicious green juice of all time! OK maybe we’re biased but our nudie nothing but good greens juice is made with 100% fruit and veggies and is free of added sugar, preservatives and artificial flavours. Instead, this delicious juice is filled with pear, cucumber, lime and spinach! Just the right mix of sweet, savoury and a little added zing to top it all off. Love your greens but in still in need of an old favourite? Don’t forget our 3L nothing but orange juice (that’s 31.5 oranges to be exact). Best served on Easter morning, at Easter lunch and at Easter dinner, too. Ah heck – best served whenever you feel like it! The Easter bunny might want some too, just sayin’.

  • On the hunt

    Love a good egg hunt? Why not consider making your Easter egg hunt a bit kinder to the environment? Naturally dyed Easter eggs are all the rage these days and create way less waste than the alternative. Not keen on the DIY approach but are looking for something that will leave you and your community feeling better? Try to purchase your eggs (chocolate or not) from local businesses. By supporting local producers who use sustainable practices, you’re already on the front foot.

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