Fun ways to break up the monotony of work from home

  • February 14, 2022

By now many of us have been WFH for two whole years and while this may have started off as an exciting experiment in wearing PJ’s to ‘the office’ and ditching the daily commute – it’s now become a bit exhausting in its own right. If you love the simplicity and autonomy of working from home but you’re looking for ways to mix things up, why not give these ideas a try.

  • Punctuate your day as if you’re in the office

    When we were all working in the office, there was time set aside each morning and afternoon to focus on our commute. For some, this involved walking and movement, for others it may have involved listening to a podcast on the train. Try to incorporate elements of your old commute into your new routine and use that morning and afternoon time positively. This might involve going for a walk before and after work to help bookend the day – or using this time for guided meditation, an online dance class or even a spot of gardening when it’s not too hot. By creating a routine and sticking to it, you’ll be able to ensure you’re not just waking up and heading straight for the desk – or working till 7pm each night without a chance to get up, get outside and experience time away from the screen.

  • Eat your meals away from your desk

    It might be tempting to have your breakfast or lunch at your desk while scrolling through your inbox but try to spend mealtimes away from the computer or laptop. By dedicating a set time to enjoy your food – you’re creating a healthy separation from work and establishing a boundary you can utilise every day. Perhaps your new favourite lunch spot is outside in the yard, or maybe it’s on your balcony? Perhaps it’s at the dining room table using your fancy dining setting? Whatever you can do to make mealtime special will put a little skip back into your step once you’re done. This will help you return to your desk feeling refreshed, clear-eyed and clear-headed.

  • Consider the 50:10 rule

    Ever notice how we get our best ideas when we’re out for a walk or in the shower? Yep, breaking up the monotony of screen time during the workday literally helps us respond to stress better and become more creative. So why not give the 50:10 rule a go? This simply means working for 50 minutes and then spending ten minutes away from your computer and phone. Grab a drink, stretch your legs, check the mailbox, get some sun or grab something refreshing to drink (something from our nothing but collection would be our suggestion). Not only will it do wonders for your mood, you’ll also ensure that no matter what – you’re getting regular intervals of ‘you’ time throughout the day.

  • Break the right way

    Not to be a Debbie downer but it turns out, there’s a right way and wrong way to take a break. Unproductive breaks include using downtime to load up on caffeine-heavy drinks, doom scrolling on social media, the mindless snack attack and even online shopping (yep, brutal, we know). What’s so bad about these types of breaks? Well, they all aim for instant gratification, which lowers our ability to get back to work and focus. Instead, try to take productive breaks during the day that allow you to recover from stress and detach from the dreaded inbox. This might include spending time in a completely different environment to your home office, calling a family member or friend for a quick chat or even listening to some relaxing music.

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