Feeling the love

  • February 14, 2023

This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the beauty of love and kindness with all those we call family and friends. Here’s how you can make everyone feel a little bit special this February 14 and beyond.

  • Mornings made wonderful

    Whether you’re surrounded by kids, roommates, parents, friends or your partner – try to spend some quality time at breakfast with your nearest and dearest. Starting the day with meaningful conversation is a wonderful way to create a positive environment at home and enable an enduring connection with those around you. So many of us tend to skip breakfast or enjoy it on the go but taking time to mindfully sit down and engage with others can do wonders for our mindset and the day ahead. Need something filled with goodness to keep you company during your chats? Our delicious probiotic smoothies will do the trick. Both are filled with goodness, 80 million cultures per serve and 100% real fruit.

  • Pleasant surprises

    Everyone loves an unexpected gift, so why not think about gifting your favourite people with a present from the heart? This might be a handwritten letter, a curated playlist filled with music that makes you think of them, a beautiful flower picked from a blooming garden, a bottle of your fave nudie (our personal favourite) or a hearty, homecooked meal. You don’t need to break the budget to create an impact, and considered gifts given with intention have the power to change someone’s day in an instant. This might be as simple as gifting someone a takeaway coffee, an hour of your time to help with tasks or chores, or a hand-made coupon book filled with fun activities you can enjoy together (this one is especially great for the kids to create for mum and dad).

  • Pick up the phone

    We’re all super busy these days with plenty of competing obligations, so it’s no wonder we never have time for proper conversations anymore. But it’s this very reason why it’s never been more important to connect, engage, and speak to those who matter to us most. No, we don’t mean via a DM, text or email – we’re talking about picking up the phone and making that call. Hearing the voice of someone you care about can create a surge of positive emotions and help make the person on the other end of the line feel less alone or isolated.

  • Random acts of kindness

    This might be our favourite thing to do because random acts of kindness (no matter how big or small) prove that all it takes is a little thought and consideration to make a huge difference to someone’s life. Even if that person is someone you don’t know. Whether it’s popping an extra few dollars in a parking metre that’s about to expire, donating high-quality items to those in need, helping someone with their shopping bags or picking up discarded rubbish from the street – each act of kindness helps make a difference to the lives of those within our communities. Best of all? You’ll feel great for the rest of the day knowing you’ve done something to help someone else.

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