Empowering women to lead

  • September 20, 2022

Women’s leadership is a topic that’s extremely important to us here at nudie HQ. Our focus is on constantly and consistently supporting our female team members to help them succeed in all their endeavours. Our Head of Brand Marketing, Brooke Parker, recently participated in the Women in Leadership Development (Wild™) Program, which assists emerging female leaders from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors throughout the country. Here, she tells us more about the experience and why it’s been an important endeavour both personally and professionally.

  • Tell us a little about yourself, your role, and what you bring to the nudie-verse each day.

    “I joined nudie about two and a half years ago as the Head of Brand Marketing. In my role, I’m responsible for developing and executing the short and long-term strategic plans for the nudie brand based on changing consumer and market trends. This includes developing the range of exciting products that we launch in supermarkets every year!”

  • You’ve been participating in the WILD™ Program these last few months – tell us more about the purpose of the program and why you were keen to participate?

    “The WILD™ program is designed for emerging female leaders from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors around Australia seeking an immersive experience to help them advance into positions of influence. It provides women with the opportunity to look at the challenges of leadership through a gender lens and to challenge and build their confidence as leaders. I was really excited to be selected by for the program, as it’s a truly holistic program that provided me with an opportunity to develop my skills, confidence and networks to further refine my leadership and management.”

  • What were some of the important topics covered in the program and how do you feel you benefited from these discussions?

    “So, it was run over six months and consisted of a pre-program interview and diagnostic assessment, three one-on-one coaching sessions, three online workshops and three face-to-face workshop days. The staggered approach works well for those in demanding positions who seek profound development, rather than a brief escape from their routine. The program was guided by a range of psychologists and also included a range of dynamic guest speakers. The topics covered included personal leadership style, impact and influence, confidence and resilience, leading change, leading with purpose, breakthrough conversations and reflective practice and mindfulness.”

  • What do you feel like you’ve learned or personally taken away from the experience?

    “It really allowed me to reflect on my leadership style and consider how I could confidently implement the new skills that I had learnt across leadership challenges in both my current and future roles. The program also connected me to a broad range of female leaders across other industries that I can now learn and grow from as my leadership journey continues.”

  • Do you feel like your leadership skills have developed since participating in the program? What’s something you learned that you weren’t aware of before, or weren’t too confident in tackling previously?

    “The program has definitely given me the skills to be able to be a more effective leader and manager in my current role as well as providing me with a clear action plan on how to develop these even further in the future.”

  • What are some of the ways Mondenissan Australia (our nudie parent company) supports women in leadership?

    “Monde Nissin is a strong supporter of women in leadership positions. The Executive Leadership team consists of a good balance of men and women and the company also invests significant funds year on year in training and developing women across all functions within the business.”

  • What’s something you truly love about working at Monde Nissan Australia?

    “It has a great culture – certainly one of the best that I’ve experienced throughout my career. The leadership team as well as the nudie team that I work directly with on a daily basis are a positive, supportive and collaborative. They truly embody what the nudie brand stands for – simple, authentic and fun!”

  • Why do you think it’s important for women to participate in these types of experiences or events?

    “To provide women with the qualifications and skills to become even better leaders and managers as well as opportunities to progress their careers further by moving into more senior leadership positions.”

  • If you had one piece of advice for professional women looking to lead with more purpose, what would it be?

    “Be yourself and believe in yourself!”

  • Finish this sentence: Female leadership is important because…

    “We bring a different skillset and perspective to the workplace.”

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