Easter tips the whole family can enjoy

  • April 15, 2022

Fun and exciting holiday options that don’t involve the chocolate hangover.

From morning memories spent searching the house or backyard for hidden eggs to the smell of freshly baked delights – there’s something truly special about the easter holiday season. To celebrate and enjoy the day with plenty of love and zero hassle this year, we’ll be following the simple but delightful tips below.

  • 1. Head out on the hunt

    What would the first few hours of Easter morning be without an egg hunt? To create treasured memories and enjoy the festivities (without the sugar crash) – why not try hiding decorative eggs over chocolate ones this year? These can be store-bought or made with the kids at home. All you need is a dozen or so eggs, some watercolour paint and a few thin paint brushes. To make it even easier, you could grab an egg decorating kit from the shops to help get you started. Best of all, besides being a fun art project, each egg can be collected and kept as a family memento.

  • 2. Get ready for Mr. Bunny

    Looking to leave a healthy treat for the Easter bunny this time around? Why not stock up on a handful of carrots and a few bottles of our favourite nudie nothing but carrot juice? He’ll be sure to thank you later. Want to get creative with your carrot offering (and enjoy the spoils of your hard work when you’re done)? Why not consider roasting, baking or griddling your carrots to give them that special touch. We love ours with a slight drizzle of natural honey.

  • 3. Race for fun

    Given our desire to head outside, enjoy fresh air and move our bodies away from the couch – the humble egg and spoon race has never felt more appropriate. Not only is it a nostalgic and fun outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy, it makes for some pretty amazing photos and memories as well. The rules are simple: balance an egg on a spoon and race to the finish line. The first one to get there wins a prize!

  • 4. Make your own hot cross buns

    OK, it’s tempting to head to the shops to grab a batch of buns BUT there’s something so satisfying about making them yourself. Not only will they be fresh and warm from the oven – you’ll have complete say in the ingredients you choose to use. Looking for a new take on the humble bun this year? Why not try your hand at these vegan hot cross buns, certain to delight the tastebuds of even the fussiest family member.

  • 5. Snuggle up with an Easter favourite

    Need some down time and a distraction for a few hours? It’s time to curl up on the lounge with a cup of hot cocoa and your favourite Easter flicks. From Peter Rabbit to Zootroplis or Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, there are plenty of family friendly movies to keep the troops entertained throughout the day and well into the evening.

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