Celebrating surf grom fun with nudie

  • July 13, 2021

Turning young kids into surfers for life

“Yes. Parents often get involved by watching close by, filming, or even being in the water to give them encouragement. It’s awesome to see how many parents are at the beach each day giving their time to watch their children participate in the sport of surfing. Some of the parents even take surf lessons after watching their kids a few times.”

  • Why do you think surfing is so beneficial for kids?

    “Surfing is a healthy sport that helps children enjoy quality time with their friends at the beach while learning or progressing their surfing skills. Programs like ours allow kids to stay fit, motivated and environmentally conscience all while enjoying our beautiful sunshine and beaches.”

  • Why do programs like nudie SurfGroms matter so much?

    “I think it gives future generations a chance to make friends in an outdoor environment. Often their surfing buddies are not the same people they go to school with, so they are able to make new friendships. We are also able to teach children how to respect and understand the ocean and beach environment while having fun.”

  • Do the older kids and younger kids ever surf together? Or help each other out?

    “Yes! Although they surf in separate groups due to levels, the older kids are often able to pass down their knowledge. For example, they can show the younger children things like where to paddle out, where the hazards are and often, they pass down their surf equipment as they grow out of it.”

  • Besides their surfing abilities – what are the biggest differences between the younger groms and the ‘nearly teenage’ groms?

    “The older kids have developed the fundamental skills and don’t need as much hands on assistance which allows the coaches to focus on body positioning and the techniques involved in surfing to a high level. The younger students often require a more hands-on approach throughout the session. It’s where they develop all the fundamentals needed for the sport of surfing.”

  • Do parents ever get involved?

    “Definitely! It’s year-round for most schools, and they have equipment to help out with the cold. If you’re going north of the Gold Coast or from the Gold Coast up, you can generally swim and surf most of the year without a wetsuit.”

  • What are some of the skills the groms develop during each program?

    “They develop everything from ocean and beach awareness to environmental awareness, how to read the waves, wind and tides, how to identify hazards at the beach and even how to learn or continue developing those fundamental surfing skills.”

  • Do you have any funny SurfGroms stories you’re happy to share?

    “I was taking a boy surfing each week and within a year or so he had gone from occasionally not wanting to surf at all, to having the confidence to paddle out at Snapper Rocks by himself. I was stoked to see him out there one day and decided to have a chat to him. Anyway, it’s not easy getting a good wave at Snapper and I swung around on one and took off and as I bottom turned, he just completely burnt me in front of everyone. He paddled back out laughing. Was such a memorable moment seeing the confidence he had gained.”

  • If you could describe the SurfGroms program in three words, what would they be?

    “Best, grom, fun!”

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