Celebrating Christmas in July

  • July 11, 2023

Ho, ho, ho – it’s time to rug up and enjoy the mid-year festive season.

It’s not often us Aussies get to celebrate Christmas when it’s cold (unless you’ve gone overseas in December, and yes, we’re jealous) but that all changes each year in July. Swapping ‘shrimp on the barbie’ for spiced apple cider vibes – this time of year allows us to indulge in what Chrissy would actually be like if it was filled with blissful winter moments just like in the movies. To help get you in the spirit, here’s how we’re making the most of Christmas in July.

  • Taking a spin around the ice-skating rink

    There are still a handful of ice-skating rinks around town and while we haven’t been in years, this month it’s on the must-do list! If you’re lucky enough to live in Sydney, there are a range of winter wonder experiences on the calendar including ice skating at Bondi Festival, Pittwater Ice skating Spectacular and the Chill Fest in Campbelltown. All you need to do is pack your fave beanie and some gloves!

  • Visiting Tinseltown

    Sounds like a made-up place from a Disney flick, right? Well, it turns out Tinseltown is indeed real and it’s right here in Sydney! From festive tunes to elves galore (and a few adult beverages), there’s plenty to see and do at Tinseltown this year. As a festive-themed pop-up, this event is decked out in all the best Christmas fair from hanging trees to wreaths, baubles, bows and more. While the event is mainly for over 18’s (mum and dad, book the babysitter), they also do family-friendly sessions for those under drinking age.

  • Brew a batch of spiced apple syrup

    Baby, it’s cold outside! So, to stay warm, why not head to the kitchen and make yourself some delicious spiced syrup to help celebrate a cosier mood? This spiced recipe with its use of clementine and cloves couldn’t be easier (or taste nicer!). Festive, comforting and with just the right amount of sweetness, it will fill your home with the right amount of holiday sparkle and shine. For your ingredients, you’ll need 200ml of our nudie nothing but apple juice, one cinnamon stick, two cloves, one teaspoon of allspice, one clementine, one small piece of fresh ginger, a touch of honey and one piece of mace blade. Once you’ve got everything, simply heat the apple juice with the spices, ginger, sugar and zest. Bring this to the boil and then let it simmer for roughly 10 minutes. After you’ve removed this from the heat and left it to cool, simply strain the syrup into a bottle or two and you’re set! Simply mix it with a wine of your choice or hot apple juice to feel instantly transported to Christmas. Not sure you feel like a drink? You can even drizzle this syrup onto your favourite desserts, including ice cream.

  • Chasing snow

    It’s not every day we get to experience snow in Australia, let alone snow at Christmas time, so why not head on down to the Hunter Valley Gardens and let all your festive dreams come true? Snow Time in the Gardens is happening this year until July 23 and is the ultimate snow experience for those young and old. They even have ice-skating, snowman building and tobogganing to round out the experience.

  • Bust out the Christmas flicks

    Ever get the urge to watch a Christmas movie when it’s not Christmas and it just doesn’t feel right? Well throw those bad vibes out the window because now’s the time to boot up all your holiday favourites. From Elf to The Family Stone, Love Actually and Christmas Vacation – each holiday classic is waiting to be enjoyed on a cold Friday night curled up on the couch.

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