Bottoms up!

Ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes at nudie HQ? We’re pulling back the curtain and dishing on all the juicy goodness. Head of Sales & Category, David Maunsell, reveals how nudie products make their way from our imagination to the shelves of your favourite supermarket.

  • Your team works collaboratively with our retail partners to bring nudie products to the market – what’s your favourite part of your role? Is it exciting seeing a product go from being an idea to landing on the shelves?

    “The best part of my role is being part of a great team and supporting others to help them achieve their personal goals. It is extremely exciting to see a product, which at one point was a few words on a piece of paper, go from that to being available for sale. My wife and kids are used to me spending a few extra minutes in the juice aisle on our weekly shopping trip!”

  • What’s the hardest part about bringing a new product to market?

    “The greatest challenge is simply not knowing 100% whether a new product will resonate with consumers or not.  All of the research and testing may tell you it is a winner, but you never know until the product is launched.” 

  • Part of your role is to ensure our nudie community can easily find our products whenever they want them – what’s the secret to spotting a nudie in the wild?

    “You’re right! There is a great deal of competition amongst the juice shelves in our retailers’ stores and it can feel like a jungle out there. Part of my job is to ensure we are working effectively with retailers and providing an irresistible offer that results in the optimum percentage of shelf space. Between exciting product development and our partnerships with retailers, we aim to make nudie front and center of our customers’ attention so our ‘nothing but’ promise and famous nudie characters can be spotted with ease.”  

  • From COVID-19 to a range of natural disasters – how have these events impacted your role and the communities at the heart of what you do each day? Have these issues presented challenges in ensuring nudie is available to customers and always on the shelves?

    “Yes, since starting my role, the team and I have had to face numerous challenges. These have impacted the entire supply chain. Fortunately, we have a great team at nudie and very supportive retailer partners who have worked tirelessly to lessen any major impacts at shelf.”

  • Finish this sentence, I love nudie because…

    “What you see is what you get – we are creators of good! We are an authentic brand that delivers on its promises – a quality product that marries good health with convenience.  This ethos spreads further than our products and into our social initiatives too – it’s extra rewarding to work with a company who are so dedicated to the community.”

  • What’s next for your team at nudie? Might we spot a few new nudies hitting the shelves later this year?

    “We have several exciting new products hitting shelves later this year, one of which is our next limited-edition product with a flavour that’s sure to be a hit! You’ll need to keep an eye out…”

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