Behind the bottle

  • November 8, 2021

Here’s your behind the scenes guide to our nudie factory and our local manufacturing process.

Ever wondered how a bottle of nudie is made or what goes into manufacturing your favourite juice right here in Australia? We sat down with our Head of Operations, Ben, to talk about the ups, the downs, the fruity and the delicious details of living our best nudie life in a post-Covid environment.

Ben has been responsible for nudie operations for 3 years, and has a diverse background across Automotive, Building Materials and FMCG manufacturing industries through Electrical, Engineering, Continuous Improvement and Management roles. Ben is often seen wearing many hats at the nudie production facility and loves nothing more than helping his team achieve their goals through development and teamwork. Ben and his team produces thousands of bottles of goodness each day for our customers to enjoy.

  • nudie manufactures its juice in Australia – why is this so important?

    Manufacturing our products right here in Australia is key to being able to provide the freshest and best quality products for our customers. nudie is a much loved and trusted brand and a great place to work, and by keeping everything as local as possible we’re able to operate in line with our company values of nothing but 100% real fruit, honesty and trust.

  • What are some of the challenges when it comes to manufacturing in Australia?

    There are quite a few unfortunately. It’s becoming harder to remain profitable and compete with imports. Often it can feel like everything is against you, and even right now, there are new challenges every day. These include raw material costs, labour shortages, nationwide pallet shortages, transport costs, global container shortages and increase lead times. As a manufacturer in Australia, you have to be resilient and determined though to overcome these problems and all industries and manufacturers need to work together to share learnings and opportunities for the better of all of us. It’s not easy, but that’s our DNA so we’ll keep doing everything we can to keep manufacturing in Australia successful.

  • What are some of the opportunities?

    Some of the opportunities include operational excellence, which is reducing waste and increasing efficiency, and doing more with less. At nudie we are always reviewing our processes and looking to continuously improve, but one of the greatest opportunities we see is more collaboration, integration and openness within our supply chain and customers. We need to work with each other to achieve the best outcome for all.

  • Does manufacturing in Australia positively impact the employment opportunities nudie can create and offer?

    We love our employees and suppliers and we have been very proud of our teams, especially in recent times during the pandemic where they’ve continued to process so we can supply to customers. Manufacturing locally supports many jobs and businesses that work directly or indirectly with nudie and we are proud that we’ve been able to maintain this. We feel like we are all one big local family!

  • When it comes to the factory and producing nudie juice, take us through the process. How does it all work?

    As per our values of nothing but 100% real fruit, we try to keep our manufacturing process as simple as possible so that our products are as fresh and natural as can be. We source the best possible fruit, which is pressed into juice, then we batch our delicious combinations in tanks, which we then gently flash pasteurised to get rid of any nasties. After this process, the juice is filled straight into bottles, which then get packed and shipped to customers. That’s it! We don’t add anything else or add any extra processes and that’s why our juice tastes so good!

  • How long does it take to create a bottle of nudie nothing but oranges?

    Once the juice is extracted and arrives at out our production facility, it can be in a bottle within a few hours!

  • How many people does it take to make a bottle of nudie?

    Our Sydney site operates around the clock to produce the weekly volumes and hosts our production facility and office teams. Prior to the pandemic we had about 50-60 people on site, but now with only essential teams on site we have about 35 people across three shifts that continue to manufacture and distribute our products at our Eastgardens site whilst many of our support staff who can work remotely, are doing so to keep the site safe as possible.

  • What’s your favourite part of the nudie creation process?

    I love it all, but I would have to say I lean towards our batching, cleaning and pasteurisation processes as these are quite technical from an engineering perspective, which plays to my background.

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