All the terrifically tasty recipes to create with your next bottle of nudie

Thought juice was just for drinking? We have some delicious news for you!

Gone are the days when juice was just part of the breakfast routine, or a quick pick-me-up on those days where you simply need a boost. When it comes to 100% real juice filled with the most delicious fruits and veggies – there’s no end to what you can create in the kitchen (no matter what time of the day or night).

Add a dash of your favourite nudie to your next smoothie or mocktail, create the yummiest frozen fruit pops or take it to the next level by adding some to your next baking session. Whether it’s cakes, muffins, cupcakes or even slices – a dash of nudie will add all the tasty goodness you’ll ever need.

Looking to bring some extra wholesomeness to your next marinade or salad dressing? nudie also works in harmony with some of the yummiest summer salads and warm winter marinades – whether you’re roasting a chook or delighting in some delicious seafood. Best of all, nudie can even be used as a milk substitute for bircher muesli (yep, our apple juice will do the trick), or help you whip up a tasty jelly desert in no time.

Got a cookin’ itch only nudie can scratch? Head to your local Woolworths or Coles to grab your favourite bottle today.

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