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Who knew something so juicy could also be good for you?

Our juice isn’t just filled with 100% real fruit and veggies – it’s packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, too. You know, all the stuff that’s good for you! Forget the nasties like artificial colours, flavours or preservatives – nudie is filled to the brim with all the very best fruits and veggies. Take our orange juice for example.

All we do is squeeze 21 fresh, Australian oranges into each bottle! Sure, our arms are sore, but we’ll never complain. Why? Because creating fresh, real juice is what we live for – especially when the Vitamin C in found in the oranges we use has so many amazing benefits. Did you know Vitamin C can boost your immune system, contribute to cell protection from free radical damage, contribute to normal collagen formation and energy metabolism?

Talk about a hard-working vitamin! Best of all, the occasional small glass can help you reach your recommended daily intake of fruit and veggies. Easy-peasy, juicy, squeezy.

To grab a bottle of 100% real juice, simply head to your local Woolworths or Coles today.

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  • refined sugar vs naturally occurring sugar

    Here at nudie we pride ourselves on capturing and bottling the natural goodness of real fruit. Not only do we believe naturally occurring sugar is all our juice needs to remain as scrumptious as possible, but we’re committed to avoiding the big nasties like added and refined sugars.

    Know more what is the difference between a natural sugar and a refined sugar?

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