all about nudie

  • October 26, 2020

20 crazy, funny, silly, awesome facts that will make you a total nudie expert!

1. We own a hot air balloon! It’s big, purple and looks like a real nudie character! It’s so tall in fact, that it measures out to about 193 nudie bottles stacked on top of one another.

2. In our first week we blended 256 pieces of fruit and sold 40 bottles of nudie deliciousness.

3. We love being innovators. We were the first Australian brand to launch a coconut water drink and the first brand in the world to launch a juice containing Chia seeds.

4. Sad story alert (but don’t worry, there’s a happy ending): our original nudie factory was lost to a fire in 2004 but we were able to get back to business just six weeks later thanks to the hard work of our amazing team.

  • 5. While the fire hit us where it hurts, we were able to turn a negative into a positive when we created our nudie fireman labels after the blaze.

    6. Everyone remembers their first… Their first transport van, that is! Ours was a Nissan S-Cargo, which is a play on the French word for snail – ‘escargot’. And umm, just like a snail, we didn’t go very fast…

    7. nudie started life at a kitchen table in Sydney’s suburb of Balmain almost 20 years ago with nothing but a single blender and a basket of fruit purchased from a local green grocer.

    8. We’ve created and celebrated 221 different nudie characters over the years. We just can’t help ourselves – they’re so cute and fun!

  • 9. Looking to use nudie as a secret ingredient in your fave recipes? Our tasty apple juice can be used in Bircher Muesli, apple and cinnamon muffins and even apple gravy.

    10. The first café to stock nudie juice was the awesome Iku Wholefood café in Waverly, NSW.

    11. Our nudie juice isn’t just for sale in Australia, it also reaches thirsty folk and juice lovers in Korea and Hong Kong.

    12. By unanimous vote, the most beloved juice at nudie HQ is our classic orange. Mmmm vitamin-c-y.

  • 13. Some of our celeb fans over the years have included everyone from Felicity ‘Flick’ Palmateer to Layne Beachley, Tim Dormer and Harries from Bondi Rescue.

    14. Once upon a time we invented a tasty nudie ice cream known as: nudie n’ice. Well, OK, it was more like a sorbet, but it had three delicious flavours: Mango + passionfruit, blueberry + blackberry and lemon, lime + lychee.

    15. We love to play matchmaker! When we realised our delivery driver Nate had been having a tough time in love, we popped his profile on our bottle labels and left it up to the Aussie public to find him a date. He had over 435 interested lovebirds come calling, with one very lucky lady winning the date.

    16. We produce more than a million nudie juices a month! That’s a whole lotta goodness.

  • 17. Our yummy orange juice can be used as a secret ingredient in a number of recipes like honey-orange glaze on Christmas Ham, orange cake, orange tarts and orange curd!

    18. If you love your nudie juice but can’t make it to the shops, don’t forget you can actually make nudie at home. All you need is some fruit, a blender and a can-do, positive attitude!

    19. We source the majority of our fruit directly from growers all over the country to help support farmers and our regional communities.

    20. We sold our very first bottle of nudie on January 8th, 2003. Where did the time go?