7 simple ways to up-cycle

  • October 18, 2020

if you’re tired of simply recycling your empty nudies, here’s a little diy fun to spruce up your juice game!

When you drink as much nudie as we do, you’re destined to end up with a few empty bottles here or there. But there’s more to these empties than meets their eye. No longer will they simply be destined for the bin – these bottles have a new purpose in life and that’s to make you smile and help you create something from nothing.

1. Thinking with dollars and sense

Once your bottle has been washed and dried, try to make a habit of using it as a piggy bank for your small change. Keep the lid and seal it tight so you’ll be less tempted to dip into your coin collection. We love to keep on track by peeling off the label and writing our savings goal on the front of the bottle with a Sharpie to remind us of what we’re working towards. The heavier it gets, the happier you’ll be when it comes time to count your savings or start your second bottle bank.

2. Heavyweight champion of the world (well… the house)

Who needs to go to the gym when you can fill your empty bottles with sand and use them as weights at home? This trick also comes in handy as a doorstopper or as a way to hold down your towel at the beach on a windy day. This trick works even better if you have four small empty bottles to use.

3. Hold it right there

Looking for a new pen or pencil holder? Simply cut your clean and empty bottle in half to create a thrifty little storage solution for all the stationary and knickknacks taking up space on your desk. This idea is also great for pieces of Lego or kids toys that have lost their home. We like to cover the top of the freshly-cut bottles with masking or electrical tape to make sure nothing sharp gets in our way.

  • 4. Kitchen whizz

    Not sure what to do with your small nudie bottles once they’re done? Why not repurpose them as condiments and snack containers for your kitchen home? Whether you’re looking to stockpile sauce, sugar, salt, pepper, spices or even lentils and dried fruit – these little bottles will do wonders for your storage space and best of all, your containers will be the same size so your kitchen cupboards can continue to look super organised.

5. Go green

To protect your baby plants and seedlings in winter, you can make your very own mini greenhouse by cutting off the bottom of your plastic bottles and then use the remaining piece to cover your plants (head of the bottle facing up, empty bottom into the ground). During the day, simply remove the bottle cap, so your little seedling or baby plant doesn’t overheat. The second it gets super cold again, just pop the cap back on overnight.

6. Sprinkle a little love (and water)

If you’re looking to change up your sprinkler game, simply grab an empty 2-litre bottle, poke a number of small holes around three quarters of the bottle (none at the bottom) and attach the head of the bottle to the end of your hose using some waterproof tape. Et voila – a DIY mini sprinkler you can enjoy on those super-hot days.

  • 7. Scoop it up

    Whether you’re after a beach bucket, a scooper for the yard or even a mini watering can, a big, empty bottle with a handle (like those used for milk) is about to become your next best friend. Carefully cut the bottle just above the handle and you’re done. Yep, it’s actually that simple.