5 ways to make your home comfier this winter

  • August 16, 2022

While the old saying might be ‘heat the person, not the home’, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to turn your humble abode into a cosy and comfy nook this season. Here are just a few of our favourite ways to bring a little warmth and sunshine to the place you call home.

  • 1. Choose your colours wisely

    Since we’ve all been spending more time than usual at home, it probably wouldn’t hurt to consider updating your paint scheme – even if it’s just in one room. Lighter colours will open up your space, whereas darker colours will close it in, so why not consider a rich cream, a light pink or even a touch of yellow? While greens and blues will invite a sense of relaxation and calm, the right grey, white or cream will bring turn your space into an inviting new world, as long as the undertones are warm, not cool.

  • 2. Add some flora and fauna

    Nothing brings a space alive quite like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers or a strategically placed house plant (or two). You may want to add these beauties to areas that typically tend to feel a little colder, such as bathrooms or even the kitchen. Even if you’re not much of a green thumb, there are plenty of beautiful plant options you can explore – from jade to succulents, peace lilies or even philodendron. Just make sure they’re out of reach of any little kiddie hands and are safe for cats and dogs, in case you have pets that like to eat everything.

  • 3. Light it up

    Yep, nothing changes your scenery like the strategically placed power of the humble lamp. To enjoy that cosy light magic, why not consider adding a number of small table lamps to various spaces throughout the house. This might be on the dining room table, on your bookshelves or next to your bed. To illuminate dark corners, a standing lamp with a warm bulb (forget the white bulbs this time around) will do the trick. You might even want to look into battery operated candles or installing a dimmer switch in the rooms you use the most. This is particularly nice in the tv room and bedroom and makes for the perfect way to fall asleep.

  • 4. Consider your coverings

    Whether it’s a new rug, some fresh couch cushions or a perfectly placed throw – adding texture to your home with these simple touches can make all the difference. Try opting for pleasing patters that match your existing furniture and consider fabric that’s soft to touch and easy to clean. This will help make your whole home feel like a relaxed oasis – one that’s warm, inviting and enjoyable at every turn. Not sure where to start? We recommend beginning with the rug – and making this the focal point of the space you’re updating. Once you have your new rug, add to the aesthetic with a handful of accessories that will help bring the space alive. If this is the dining room, it might mean you invest in a beautiful table runner. If it’s the TV room, you could consider adding in a throw to the mix or even a few candles on the coffee table.

  • 5. Mix it up

    Had a look around and realised most of your furniture and accessories are all modern? It might be time to incorporate a combination of old and new into your space – to give your home a lived-in and warm feel. While clean and minimalist – modern furnishings can often feel a bit cold and not very personal. A vintage photo frame here or there or antique mirror or lamp might help turn your updated space into the perfect mix of old meets new.

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