5 types of nudie juice drinkers

  • November 29, 2022

Ever wondered what type of nudie blend best suits your personality? We’ve put together some of our favourite traits with some of our most delicious juices and smoothies yet. The result? Fascinating and tasty!

  • 1. Orange pulp

    Ahh yes, the traditional yet mighty nothing but orange blend (with pulp) attracts one of our fave kinds of nudie lovers – the OG OJ drinkers! Timeless and classic, these people like to stick with a good thing and never stray too far from their tried and tested routines. They know what they want, which means there’s no use ever trying to change their minds. They appreciate the finer things in life – from long sleep-ins on the weekends to breakfast in bed, walks on the beach at sundown and indulgent nights spent reading a good book.

  • 2. Orange pulp free

    Let’s hear it for the pulp-free brigade! These nudie drinkers are a bit particular and a tad fussy when it comes to their juice. But who can blame them? nothing but orange (pulp free) can’t be beat! It’s smooth, delicious and always goes down a treat! Much like the juice itself, these nudie drinkers are bold, daring and loved by all. They’re also headstrong, forthright and super confident.  

  • 3. Cloudy apple

    With just the right amount of natural sweetness, our nothing but cloudy apple juice brings an instant smile to your dial with every sip – much like our cloudy apple juice fans! These nudie juice drinkers are kind, compassionate, caring and love nothing more than to see you happy. Empathetic and always putting others first, our cloudy apple fans see the goodness in everyone (and in every bottle).

  • 4. Veggie blend – Immunity hit

    Strong, passionate and always ready to fight for what’s right, our veggie blend immunity hit lovers are the ones you want in your corner whenever a sticky situation arises. Somehow, they always seem to know the right things to say or do. Leaders of the pack and constantly striving for what’s best in life, they’ll have your back no matter what. They’re the good influence your mum always wanted you to hang around and a friend till the very end.

  • 5. Strawberry smoothie

    Bubbly, outgoing and always generous – our strawberry lovers are just as delightful as our smoothie blend itself! You’ll never run out of fun things to say and do when you’re around one of our smoothie fans. Not only is their good nature and bounding energy contagious – they’ve always got a new plan up their sleeves. Whether it’s an adventure at home or abroad – they’ll make the best out of any situation.

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