5 simple ways to re-use your nudie bottles

  • January 10, 2023

Ever wondered what else you can do with your empty nudie juice bottles? We’ve put on our thinking caps and come up with five super easy and fun ways to make the most of your empties at home.

  • 1. Your very own seed planter

    Do you have a green thumb? Love spending time in the garden? Well, it’s your lucky day because all of those empty juice bottles are finally about to pay off! No matter the size of your nudie juice, you can use the bottom part of the bottle as a container when it’s time to plant and grow your next batch of fruits, veggies or herbs! Simply (and carefully) cut one of our 1L, 2L or 3L bottles to your desired height and then create a number of holes at the bottom so your water will have somewhere to drain. Grab your soil, add your seeds and away you grow! All you’ll need is a little bit of sun, plenty of water, and a whole heap o’ love! Not sure what to do with the leftover bottle bits? Just pop them in your recycling bin, and boom – you’re done.

  • 2. A handy watering jug

    Need a watering can but don’t want to make another trip to the hardware store? Why not use your empty nudie juice bottle instead? Not only will it be a helpful vessel to carry water to all those plants you’re trying to grow, it’s a perfect watering can alternative for your little ones. Not too heavy, not too light – it works just right. All you need to do is pop a few holes in the bottle cap so the water can come pouring out. Too easy.

  • 3. Your new desk buddy

    Are you a big fan of arts and crafts or stationery? Have we got news for you! Your old nudie juice bottle is about to become your new material or pencil holder. Simply grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut through the middle of a 2L or 3L bottle of nudie and you’re done! You can paint the base of the bottle if you want to add a personalised touch or to make it look more colourful, and then chuck the leftover bits in the recycling. Easy peasy!

  • 4. Pump that iron

    Who knew your empties could double as exercise weights? No time to rush off to the gym? We’ve got you covered! Just fill up your 1L, 2L or 3L empty nudie bottles with water and you’ve got yourself a handy exercise weight. Best of all, if they’re feeling too heavy, you can just empty some of the water!

  • 5. Cash in with a new piggy bank

    It’s never too early to learn about the benefits of saving or enabling sensible saving habits, which is why our empty nudie bottles are the perfect cash hack for you and your little ones. Just grab your empty 1L bottle of nudie, some coloured paper or cardboard for decoration, some sticky tape to make sure it all stays together, and some empty egg cartons so you can cut out your little piggy bank feet. Decorate to your hearts content and be sure to pop a couple of dollars in your nudie piggy bank whenever you find that spare change in your pocket. Perfect for kiddos starting to earn some highly coveted pocket money. Best of all, here at nudie, we participate in the National Container Deposit Scheme Program (CDS). In participating states and territories, this means empty nudie 400ml juice bottles and 200ml kid’s tetras can be returned to your local CDS depot for a 10c refund. The perfect amount to start any good piggy bank if you ask us…

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