5 reasons why summer rules

  • December 13, 2022

Swimming, late nights, concerts with friends and time spent outside – is there any wonder we all love summer so much? Besides the occasional sunburn or the busy buzzing of mosquitos late at night, there’s not much to complain about during the summer season. Here are five reasons why we love the warmer weather as much as we love a squeezy, juicy bottle of nudie.

  • 1. Vitamin sea

    It comes as no surprise that here at nudie, we’re all about Vitamin C. But the other vitamin we can’t get enough of is Vitamin Sea! Yep, we love the beauty of the ocean and going for refreshing swims whenever we get the chance. There’s nothing quite like the healing powers of salt water, digging our toes into the sand and feeling the warm sun on our skin. Whether you’re keen for a float or prefer to catch some waves, spending time in the ocean and reconnecting with Mother Nature is sure to help you relax and lift your spirits. As we always say here at nudie – you never regret a swim. Best of all – salt water contains sodium chloride. This helps clear your nasal passages and alleviate respiratory problems, which is why we always tend to feel great when we’re done with a salty dip.

  • 2. Outdoor gatherings

    No more time spent locked inside or huddling by the heater for warmth – it’s officially time to enjoy the best of the great outdoors. We’re talking bushwalks, picnics, camping, biking, BBQs, fishing and more! Now’s the best time to get out and about while spending time with family and friends. There’s nothing better than fresh air, exercise and exploring the wider world, whether it’s far away or close to home.

  • 3. Barefoot fun

    There’s something super special about connecting to the earth. The simple pleasures of walking, running or standing still while barefoot are pretty hard to deny. Importantly, walking barefoot has been shown to reduce white blood cells and increase red blood cells – potentially leading to better immunity. Being barefoot is also known to improve sleep and help increase antioxidants in the body. Now that it’s warm enough – why not think about losing the shoes and socks for some barefoot fun in the backyard, at your local park or at the beach?

  • 4. Late nights

    One of the best things about the summer months? The long days and lazy nights. When the sun sticks around till 9pm at night, there’s almost no end to the activities or fun you can have once the working day is done. Forget tuning out on the couch – summer nights mean long walks, delicious ice creams, balcony hangs, outdoor movies, afternoon swims and the very best of that al fresco life!

  • 5. Ice cold drinks

    Whether it’s your favourite juice, a smoothie or a mocktail – there’s nothing more satisfying than cooling off with a refreshing and ice-cool beverage. Crisp, cold or chilled, your favourite drinks are made all the more delicious when they’re enjoyed fresh from the fridge on a scorching hot day. You can even use your favourite juice to make delicious ice blocks the whole family can enjoy. If you’ve got any juice leftover, you can also use this to fill up your ice cube trays and use the frozen cubes for extra zing and zest in your favourite drink.

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