5 fun activities this festive season

  • December 14, 2020

With all the time spent indoors this year, it’s safe to say we’ve probably had our fair share of crafts and DIY. Instead, with the Christmas season upon us, and the promise of a new year and fresh start just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to head outdoors and make the most of the sunny days ahead.  

  • 1. shining bright this Christmas

    Whether you’re going for a Christmas lights walk in your neighbourhood or are planning on setting up your own lights at home this year, make sure to get the whole family involved. Besides being beautiful to look at, the best part about a Christmas lights walk is you can turn it into a fun game. Make sure everyone has their own pencil and piece of paper. Before you set off, create a few categories of lights you may expect to see while you’re out and about (red, green, multicolour etc). This could even include outdoor Christmas ornaments, characters, nativity scenes or even Christmas trees. When on your walk, make sure to take notes or tick a box whenever you stumble upon something on your list.  

  • 2. create a special Christmas snack for Santa and all his helpers

    Poor Santa and all his reindeer get pretty hungry and thirsty whenever this time of year rolls around. Now’s the time to create the ultimate Santa-refuelling pitstop, where the jolly old man in red can stop by, take a load off and have a snack. Perhaps you might create a hand-drawn menu with a range of options that Santa can circle and choose overnight? Or maybe you already know what Santa loves and decide to bake him some homemade cookies or chop up some delicious veggies? We’ve spoken to the big guy and word on the street is he can’t get enough of nudie’s nothing but carrot and ginger juice! The apparently reindeer go wild! Who knew?  

  • 3. write your family’s Christmas story

    That’s right! You don’t have to be a world-famous author to be a writer. This is your chance to create the story of you and your family and introduce all your favourite characters to your readers. The sky is the limit. This is an especially fun activity for family members of all ages. Not only can you write your own story and create a whole new world, you can share this with your nearest and dearest in a reading at the end of the day or week (depending on how long you want to give yourself to create the best story ever). To get started and feel inspired, think about the best Christmas traditions you’ve shared with your family. What are the wonderful memories you’d like to put into words? What are the sights, sounds and smells you remember most? Jot down anything that comes to mind and let the pen (or pencil) guide you the rest of the way. When you’re done, keep your story in a Christmas box and bust it out next year. Each year try to build on the story by adding a new chapter.  

  • 4. prepare for the New Year

    It’s time for a productive brainstorming session! Yep New Year’s resolutions are upon us BUT it’s safe to say, when kids are involved, they’re way more fun! Sit down with your little ones and work out some of their goals for the coming year. How many books do they want to try and read? Is there a song they want to learn to play on their favourite instrument? Perhaps a number of laps they want to try and swim in one go? Whatever gets them excited to get back out there, reach their goals and look forward to the future is a step in the right direction.  

  • 5. celebrate the sun

    Summer is here and there’s nothing better than celebrating our warmest season with the best sun-coloured foods out there. From oranges to carrots, pumpkin, nectarines, mangos, apricots, pineapples and bananas – you’d be surprised by how many delicious and healthy snacks look just like the sun! Make a list of your fave sun-coloured foods and which ones you have at home – how many can you find or think of? What makes them so delicious or memorable? The most creative answers wins!