10 things about Felicity Palmateer

  • January 4, 2021

She surfs the biggest waves in the world and proudly calls Western Australia home, but there are a few things about Felicity ‘Flick’ Palmateer that you may not already know. Thanks to Surfing Australia (who we’re super proud to sponsor), here are our fave 10 fun facts about the surfing pro, as told by Felicity herself! 

  • 1. Injuries

    I’ve had a few bad fin top injuries during the years including one to the head and one to my thigh. Both required stitches. 

  • 2. Siblings

    I’m the older sister of three brothers. 

  • 3. Goals

    I have a new surfing goal, which is to place first at the Big Wave world tour event at Jaws in Hawaii. 

  • 4. Favourite nudie juice

    My favourite nudie juice of all time is the Aloha blend. 

  • 5. Favourite bands

    I love all types of music, but my favourite bands are Rage Against the Machine and ACDC. Growing up, my Dad would always play their songs whenever we’d go out for a surf.

  • 6. Favourite surfer

    One of my favourite female surfers of all time is Stephanie Gilmore. 

  • 7. Favourite movie

    My favourite movie is actually Blue Crush! 

  • 8. When I grow up…

    When I was younger I wanted to join the circus and become an acrobat.  

  • 9. Travel

    My favourite holiday destination is in remote North Western Australia but the most amazing place I’ve ever travelled to overseas is Tahiti.  

  • 10. Hobbies

    I’ve just taken up a new hobby, which is throwing ceramics on a potter’s wheel.