10 creative rainy-day ideas

  • July 11, 2022

Sometimes there’s nothing better than hearing the rain gently tap at the window as the cooler temps call for warm blankets and hot chocolates – but other times it can be tough when you’ve been cooped up inside for days on end. Especially if there are kids involved. To help you stay sane during the cold and rainy days ahead, we’ve shared our top 10 creative tips for anyone who wants to take their mind off the dreary weather and stay busy with projects the whole family can enjoy.

  • 1. Create an ‘all about me’ book

    This is a fun activity for anyone of any age. To create an ‘all about me’ book, simply grab a blank notebook and start filling it with all the details you’d want your close friends or family to know. From the basics (like your age, nickname, date of birth) to the finer details such as your favourite books, the movies you love the most, the music you’ll never stop listening to or the people who’ve impacted you the most in life. Think of it as a guide to you – filled with all the information you’d want to share or pass along to those that matter to you most. Have some favourite quotes you live by? Pop them in there. Been given sage words of wisdom that you want to acknowledge, there’s room for that too! Think of it as you – but in scrapbook form.

  • 2. Re-arrange your room

    Ok, ok, hear us out – this may sound like a lot of work but there’s nothing better than refreshing your space and bringing new vibes and energy into a room. Whether it’s the loungeroom or even your bedroom, giving it an update will make the space (and you) feel renewed and refreshed. This also doubles as a great opportunity to get everyone cleaning, and to get rid of anything you’re not using anymore. This might be toys you can donate, books you can add to a street library or rubbish that definitely needs to be thrown out. 

  • 3. Write a story

    It might sound super simple as a concept but there’s something truly special about sitting down with a pen and paper (if you’re old school) or on the laptop to create a world filled with an intriguing narrative and characters of your own making. It doesn’t have to be a literary epic – even a short story will do. This is a particularly fun activity to do with kids as it requires them to be creative and to express themselves, while crafting something they can hold onto or build on later.

  • 4. Illustrate a story

    Not really into writing? Why not try drawing instead? You can tackle a portrait based on a friend or family member or even capture the family pet with your unique artistic eye. Better yet – why not try creating some illustrations to go with any stories you’ve just finished writing? Adult colouring is also a great way to release stress and anxiety.

  • 5. Compose a song (you can even write the lyrics!)

    Is there anything funnier than trying to create a song with your family and friends in tow? Whether you’re composing the melody or crafting the lyrics – have some fun with this one and remember, the sillier the better! Once you’re done – an all-out performance is required, of course.

  • 6. Colour co-ordinate your bookshelves

    Therapeutic, active and beautiful to look at when you’re done – colour coordinating your bookshelves (or anything really) ticks all the boxes. Don’t have that many books? Why not apply the same process to your CDs, DVDs, vinyl or anything you collect? The opportunities are endless

  • 7. Alphabetise your spice cupboard

    Sure, this might feel like you’re taking your organisation skills to the next level, but it will sure make life easier when you’re cooking and looking for that one particular spice in amongst a sea of tiny jars with tiny labels. The trick really is keeping it that organised for as long as possible.

  • 8. Bake something delicious (with the help of nudie of course)

    While the sourdough baking craze of 2020 is long gone, you can still have fun in the kitchen coming up with an array of delicious baked goods like cakes, muffins or brownies. To add an extra flavour hit – consider a recipe that allows you to use our nudie nothing but orange juice. Orange cake is always our favourite, but you can add the juice to most baking recipes as a water or milk substitute.

  • 9. Play dress ups

    Dressing up isn’t just for kids, you know! Has it been a while since you got all snazzed up and donned your favourite outfit? Maybe you’ve been saving a particular item of clothing or pair of shoes for a special event? Who says you can’t wear them at home? Pop on your favourite playlist, pull your best items for your closet and give them a test run! You can even take reference photos so you know how each outfit will look whenever you’re ready to wear them to your next big event.

  • 10. Family meditation session

    Sometimes we just need a little bit of quiet and a lot of Zen – so why not try a family-friendly meditation? Not only does it encourage everyone to be quiet for a set amount of time, it allows you to do something together that isn’t overly exhausting. With plenty of free meditations available online, there’s bound to be one that suits your brood. If all else fails – get the kids to play the Quiet Game – it’s super simple: Whoever stays quiet the longest, wins. 

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